The DC Bombshells Return With Variants, Statues And More!

May 17, 2015 1 By EVA
DC Comics Bombshells #1

DC Comics Bombshells #1

Our favorite ladies of the DC universe are back, and boy are they back with a bang, or is it a bomb? The fan favored DC Bombshells are back with yet another round of variant covers set to debut this August. Last year DC struck a huge streak of success as they launched their first set of Bombshells last June. From there the DC Bombshells became larger than life inspiring merchandise, detailed statues and even awe amazing cosplay groups. This time our favorite ladies are back with style including characters like Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

DC Bombshell veteran and creator Ant Lucia will be returning to his beloved designs, but not without the help from newcomer artists to the Bombshell line Emanuela Luppachino and Des Taylor. The variants will span across twenty one titles featuring heroines that had been featured previously as well as some new yet familiar faces. Characters like Huntress, Powergirl and Raven will also finally be getting their shot at the Bombshell treatment. And don’t think this pin up look is just for the women any more either, male characters like Nightwing, Aquaman and even Batman himself will share the spotlight alongside their female companions.

Along with their fantastic new variants, DC comics also announced two new additions to their already stunningly beautiful line of DC Bombshell statues. Villainesses Cheetah and Killer Frost will be heading to a comic shop near you beginning Spring 2015. So make sure to keep on the lookout for those! Now while these statues can be a little pricey, usually hitting the $120 USD mark, they’re well worth it! Their particular detail and stunning paint jobs are well worth the price.

The biggest surprise of them all is the announcement for the bombtastic new series DC Comics Bombshells, with Marguerite Bennett at the helm. Bennett who made her name on such DC comics one-shots such as Lois Lane and Joker’s Daughter, will be making yet another mark alongside artist Marguerite Sauvage (Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman). DC Comics Bombshells the digital first series is set to release in July with the first issues in print being released in comic shops in August. The series is set in an alternate reality for the DC universe taking place during the events of World War II as superheroines such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batwoman join alongside the Allied Forces.  In her release statement alongside Bennett, artist Marguerite Savuage had this to say….

“When I was contacted to work on this book, I was attracted by the retro style of the statues, not to mention the most iconic female characters of DC are represented. I spent a lot of time searching for references to be as accurate as possible to the story and habits of this time period, but keeping in mind it’s a parallel universe, so I can take some freedom on details.”

I don’t know about you but the fact that these two ladies are working together under what will mostly likely be an amazing title has me more excited then I could ever imagine. Bennett and Savuage will make the perfect team and I eagerly await the universe they are carefully crafting for their readers.

All of these wonderful new things from DC comics are almost too exciting to handle. I for one had been hoping to see more from the Bombshells and after DC’s success with their variants as well as their growing line of memorabilia it would be insane to pass up on another chance to extend upon the idea. After all the DC Bombshells is ranked among the top selling month in terms of DC’s continuously themed 50/50 variant months. I just hope that my short boxes are ready for so many new goodies. Guess it means I’ll have to clear out some wall space as well. Be sure to check out the gallery of all twenty-one bombshell variants below as well as their corresponding titles. Which Bombshell as looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!