Cosplayers Recreate Big Hero 6 Scenes

Cosplayers Recreate Big Hero 6 Scenes

February 6, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

In our Uncanny Cosplays feature we introduced you to Jin and her fabulous Hiro Hamada cosplay. Well the awesomeness didn’t end there. Teaming up with Miguel as Tadashi Hamada and Pablo Bairan as Baymax, these cosplayers joined forces with photographer Reskiy to recreate the “Hiro meets Baymax” scene from Big Hero 6.

Have a look at the amazing photo set below! You can also see how they got these spot-on shots in Jin’s behind-the-scenes post, or check out their other fantastic photo recreations (with additional scenes including cosplayer Kat Langomez as Aunt Cas!)

BH6 1

BH6 2

BH6 3

BH6 4

BH6 5

BH6 6

BH6 7

BH6 8

BH6 9

BH6 10