Chris Pratt Fulfills Super Bowl Debt

February 6, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

In the coming weeks of the Super Bowl, Marvel golden boys Chris Pratt and Chris Evans were in a heated twitter feud about their respective teams. Chris Pratt is a staunch Seattle Seahawks fan and Chris Evans, a Boston native, is naturally a New England Patriots fan. Okay, it wasn’t a real nemesis-forming argument, but the bets were made to for the loser to support the other’s chosen charity in their Star-Lord or Captain America costume.

Well, Chris Pratt lost as you may know, and he had made himself an honest man in visiting Christopher’s Haven, a charity in Massachusetts Chris Evans supports and has visited. Chris Pratt shared photos of the promise he kept.



The pair have raised over 27k together for their charities through the Super Bowl bets. Chris Pratt supported the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Chris Evans supported Christopher’s Haven. The two also promise to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Here’s the tweet that sparked the race: