Cosplay? There’s an App for That

Cosplay? There’s an App for That

October 15, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

A cosplay app sounds like a potential nightmare- people rating others costumes and feelings getting hurt. But that’s not the point or what is happening on CosRank, an app that ties together the very best parts about cosplay. CosRank is all about the costumes, the camaraderie, and yes, even a little friendly competition.

On the app you can post your own cosplay, ‘like’ others, and join an alliance. If you are like me and can’t stitch or sew to save a life, there is still a place for you to admire the handcrafted goods.

Nadine Jolie Courtney, and her husband Erik, are the proprietors of this magical app that connects the cosplay community like nothing has before. We briefly chatted with Nadine about what is CosRank and where it hopes to be in the future.

Cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts, are you listening? This app will become your life.


What is CosRank and how did you start it?

CosRank is a community for cosplayers and cosplay fans. We started it because there wasn’t an app out there like this and we were always so impressed with the incredible quality of work put into costumes at Comic Con(s). We thought there needed to be a place to easily showcase it all. We were frustrated that it was difficult to filter through photos on websites and other social networks.

Where are you based?

 Santa Monica, CA

When did CosRank begin?

 Spring of 2014


You can be friends with all these people and more.


How did you develop the app?

We hired U.S.-based graphic designers and developers and worked with them extensively to create the app of our dreams. We had a specific concept in mind, but neither of us are computer programmers, so we sketched the app out on a bunch of index cards, and found a programmer and a graphic designer who could take our sketches and bring our vision to life.

How does the app work?

 Users create their own profile that’s modeled after a trading card. They browse photos and join forces with cosplayers.

Have you had any problems with bullying or harassment on the app?

Thankfully, no.

How would you address it?

If we ever have an issue in the future, we’d ban those users for life. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. We want a positive and supportive environment for cosplayers.

 Can a person join if they are not a cosplayer?

Absolutely. One of the cool things about CosRank is that we’re inclusive, so we’re as much for the cosplay fans as for the people creating the amazing costumes.

My sorry attempt at cosplaying... yeah....

My sorry attempt at cosplaying… yeah….

Do you cosplay? How did you get into cosplaying?

We do. Erik has been going to conventions for years but he’s only recently built up the courage to start cosplaying. I’m a beauty blogger and so have always loved fashion and beauty. It was a little intimidating at first, but once Erik introduced me to cosplay, I loved it.

What are your future plans for the app?

Our hope is to make it available in other countries and to continue to add features. We’re also hoping to release an Android version next year.

Do you attend cons? If so, how do you outreach to fans?

Yes, we do. Erik has been attending cons for over 20 years. We reach out to fans in person at cons, as well as by following our favorite cosplayers and supporting their work.