Microsoft Surface Cafe – Exclusive Francis Manapul Interview & the Surface Pro 3

by EVAon July 10, 2014
A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to check out the Microsoft Surface Cafe in downtown Toronto for the launch of the new Surface Pro 3. Not only did I get to play around with the new Surface Pro 3 but I also got to interview comic book artist Francis Manapul and his process […]

Tech Review: TP-Link 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender AV500 Powerline Edition

by Marcon June 7, 2014
Its time to get rid of those nasty Ethernet cables and go wireless!

Alienware to Release New Steam Machine Anually

by Marcon January 24, 2014
Alienware wants to ensure gamers are on the cutting edge year after year.

PS4 Error Corrupts and Destroys Save Data

by Marcon January 24, 2014
The latest error on the PS4 is sending gamers over the edge.

Netflix Price Increase is on the Horizon

by Marcon January 23, 2014
Netflix finally talks price increase in the wake of the demise of net neutrality.

Sony Announces Cloud Gaming Service

by Marcon January 11, 2014
Sony has announced a new cloud service that can be used to stream games and TV to the PS4, PS3, Vita, televisions, tablets and smartphones.

New Commercial for Xbox One

by Steph Mernaghon October 25, 2013
“This is an invitation to a new generation.”

Is BBM Worth The Hassle?

by Marcon October 24, 2013
Blackberry released the BBM for iPhone and Android and everyone is going crazy to sign up and get it, but is it worth all the trouble in the end?

Robotic Bees the Solution to Colony Collapse?

by Marcon August 13, 2013
The engineers at Harvard believe that they have a solution to the bee problem.

Don Mattrick Jumps Ship and Heads To Zynga

by Marcon July 2, 2013
Don Mattrick takes off just before the release of the XB:O, should we be worried?