PS4 Error Corrupts and Destroys Save Data

PS4 Error Corrupts and Destroys Save Data

January 24, 2014 1 By Marc

The latest error on the PS4 is sending gamers over the edge.

The error is known as the CE-34878-0 error and will corrupt save data, causing gamers to lose hours of gameplay. Some reports say that this error can go as far as preventing apps from opening and even bricking consoles.

This is the latest error since the red line of death that appeared shortly after launch which was also bricking consoles. The error was made known by a massive thread on the official Playstation forums, detailing the error and the corrupted saves from games such as Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

Currently there is no known official fix, but some have been able to repair the system by closing out the game and re-downloading the latest updates for the system. If this does not fix the problem, Sony urges owners to reach out to them for additional support.

Sony is also currently investigating the error and will hopefully bring a fix soon to save future gamers from this very annoying glitch in the system.