Burlington ToyCon!

June 2, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Another great toy convention is under our belts, and it was the first time that the GCE had a table instead of just covering media! We had a front row seat to all the days action.

We had our table right near the front door where we set up with our soaps, buttons and of course, our promotional items. We had a great day talking to everyone that came in and we got to see some really great purchases too (The G.I. Joe Fortress for example, and a Barbie Dream Camper). The whole layout of the convention hall was fantastic, with tables on either side of the main entrance and leading up into two large halls filled to the top with every kind of toy you could think of. The look of wonder in kids eyes as they walked into the large room was comparable to the kids-at-heart finding the toys of their childhood. It’s all a rather nostalgic event.

Perhaps my favorite part of the day was the children’s costume contest. Unfortunately, with it being so rainy and cold today not a lot of people made the time to come by, not even in costume. There were three little girls there though that waited around for hours upon finding out about the costume contest, and one of them even took time out of her day to inform me of the evolution of Charmander in Pokemon. She was Misty, and her sister was dressed as Ash. Well mannered, they liked to talk to the other cosplayers about how much they liked Pokemon and posed for some photos, too.

The little girl that made my day though was about four years old, dressed in an oversized Skeletor tee shirt. She played with her action figures on the stairs near our table and when it came time for the costume contest, she followed the girls dressed as Misty and Ash. She even sang the entire He-Man song for an entire crowd, not shy at all! The prizes for the costume contest were given out, a tie first place to the sisters and second went to the little He-Man fan who, upon finding out what she won, ran to her parents and proudly announced, “And now I have some of my very own money for more Masters of the Universe!” She promptly went to spend it, and it made my day.

There’s nothing better than seeing parents getting their kids into what they loved when they were kids. It’s popular to see kids into Star Wars nowadays but He-Man was a new one for me and I think that’s the coolest thing. That’s how I ended up liking all of the things I do now—I still remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after school because my brother liked it.

The rest of the convention was great. We got to meet some fantastic people including the boys at Black Fawn Distribution, a group that “consists of real filmmakers from extreme points of the industry spectrum. Some are true underground renegade filmmakers and others are commercially engaged business thinkers.” They had a photo booth set up where they offered post apocalyptic garb and one of the comfiest chairs I think I ever sat in. I had my photo taken with a friend, the Northern Belle, Rogue herself who was dressed as Alice from Resident Evil and I can’t wait to see it.

I also had the opportunity to meet The Canadian Nerd (on Twitter @ThaCanadianNerd) who will have some great videos up shortly! Follow his Twitter for the most recent updates.

Check out our gallery of photos below, courtesy of Marc Daniel Photography. As always, if you would like a copy of a photo from the site, please send the request to: photography @ geekchicelite.com