BlackBerry Approved By U.S. Military

BlackBerry Approved By U.S. Military

May 7, 2013 0 By Marc

Not very long ago people were starting to dig a massive grave to fit the smartphone giant Blackberry inside of, but this has changed and BlackBerry is very much alive.


People saw BlackBerries as an outdated technology with the increasing popularity of the iPhone and Android phone. But as of late last week the U.S. Defense Department approved the Blackberry 10 and PlayBook for use on their networks.

This is huge win for the Canadian smartphone developer. Currently the other cellphone that they will be competing with at that level is Samsung who also got clearance with a version of Google’s Android OS on their phones.

BlackBerry was the obvious choice for this kind of contract through with its proven and tested mobile security model. The U.S. Military has also used blackberries in the past, and it is good to see them continuing this tradition. One of the mobile industries biggest, the iPhone has been out for over 5 years and still cannot get the rights to supply military personnel their devices.

It looks as if BlackBerry is saved and will continue to be one of the big 3 in the industry.


Watch out, Canada is on the move.