The Force Was Stronger Than We Thought!

The Force Was Stronger Than We Thought!

May 6, 2013 0 By Marc

With the demise of LucasArts we almost saw the end of any new Star Wars games for the future. Today we received very good news about a very important deal regarding Disney, Lucasfilm Ltd and EA.

A multi-year, multi-title agreement has been made between Disney, Lucasfilm Ltd. and EA Games to bring us new Star Wars games for PC, console and tablet.

This is amazing news since the last news that news we had about the future of Star Wars games was very grim. But according to, DICE (Battlefield), Visceral (Dead Space) and BioWare (Mass Effect, SW:TOR) will all be involved in the creation of these games.  With these 3 major studios backing Star Wars titles we can all be very happy and excited for what can come down the road.

No word yet whether or not these studios will pick up Star Wars:1313, Battlefront or a new Old Republic game (looking at you BioWare), but here’s to the hope that whatever they create will give us hours of awesome game play and new stories to follow in the Star Wars universe.