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Indy Roleplaying Wrestling Game Hits It Mark

by The Retro Revieweron January 28, 2016
Not limited to what happens in the squared circle, World Wide Wrestling allows players to fully immerse themselves in their player character’s professional wrestling and personal life. The very unique RPG balances between what the on-screen imaginary viewing audience sees during an episode and what happens when the lights go off. It’s this added element […]

Fear And Loathing Graphic Novel Interview With Troy Little

by The Retro Revieweron August 17, 2015
The iconic subculture novel Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson is released as a comic book from IDW Publishing in the fall. The assignment was given to Powerpuff Girls artist and Prince Edward Island resident Troy Little. IDW Publishing Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas debuted the book at San Diego […]

12 Monkeys TV Show & An Interview with Amanda Schull

by The Retro Revieweron January 20, 2015
12 Monkeys TV show star Amanda Schull fears time travel, but not shooting the new television series on SyFy in Toronto.

Retro Reviewer: The American Remains Relevant

by The Retro Revieweron November 24, 2014
In the late ‘80s Dark Horse Comics published a gritty, sinister, somewhat bizarre, but best, a plausible story by future talent Mark Verheiden, who does such a great job writing The American it remains relevant today. Released in 1987, it withstands age because Verheiden’s incredible emerging storytelling skills.

Harley Quinn is a Comic That Smells Like Marijuana

by The Retro Revieweron September 25, 2014
Yes, DC Comics is releasing a Harley Quinn comic that smells like marijuana — cannabis, weed, pot, ganja — and parents aren’t outraged yet.

Retro Geek: I Found A Boxed Nintendo In The Garbage

by The Retro Revieweron August 14, 2014
Did I just ride through a time portal and it’s 1985 because someone left a near-mint NES console in the original Nintendo box out on garbage day. It had to be time portal located in a posh Toronto neighborhood or someone finally got around to cleaning out their basement.

Apply Mindfulness To Your Gaming Experience

by The Retro Revieweron June 29, 2014
It was week six of my introduction to mindfulness meditation methods when I confessed to the class of chronic pain people – I used mindfulness to play video games. My instructor didn’t ask me to leave for creating some kind of meditation faux pas by applying mindfulness to video gaming and it’s something I continue […]