12 Monkeys TV Show & An Interview with Amanda Schull

12 Monkeys TV Show & An Interview with Amanda Schull

January 20, 2015 0 By The Retro Reviewer

12 Monkeys TV show star Amanda Schull fears time travel, but not shooting the new television series on SyFy in Toronto.

“I had never thought about time travel before,” Schull admitted to Geek Chic Elite.

She adds, “Time travel is scary to me. It’d panic me to go back in time and change something because it could impact the future…well maybe I’d break up with a few boyfriends earlier.”

Fascinatingly her character, Dr. Cassandra Railly has the same disbelief about Cole’s ability to, what the series refers to as, splintering time. “She thinks he’s a crazy person.”

12 Monkeys plays off their trust and time travel relationship. After all he’s coming and going into her life via splintering time and when Cole is arrives chaos does too. There’s a great scene where Cole explains why and how he has come to the future seeking her assistance to stop a plague, but we won’t ruin it for you.

Not being familiar with time travel sci-fi, Schull admits, “I needed the producers to really explain it to me. To me time is linear. A-B-C. But time travel is a loop. They explained it to me like 9 times and we are [character Dr. Cassandra Railly] are very similar in that respect.”


The show itself is kind of a time travel loop.

It’s a re-imagining of the popular 1995 movie by the same producers, but names, occupations and settings have changed. 12 Monkeys feels so familiar, like [SPOILER ALERT] the opening kidnapping sequence, yet it’s all different and that in itself is a fascinating time bend. The movie doesn’t even have to exist for this to be what looks to be a great television time travel series. Do yourself a favor don’t watch or compare it to the movie. Unfortunately for me in that regard, it’s one of my all time favorites. I just can’t help but notice.

“We are not a cover band,” Schull says.

What was it like to play a role so well defined in a movie?

“It was daunting. We met and I got to tell her how fantastic she was.”

Are we entering a popular phase of plague television?

“It’s natural and human nature to be interested in this. When we started filming ebola started to make the news and it was great for creative research. It’s a relevant topic.”

Filming for 12 Monkeys took place in Toronto; Schull says it’s an added bonus. “I loved spending four and half months in Toronto, except for the roaming charges. I love the food and the city is really walker-friendly. Toronto has the best cheese I’ve had in my entire life.”