Harley Quinn is a Comic That Smells Like Marijuana

by on September 25, 2014

Yes, DC Comics is releasing a Harley Quinn comic that smells like marijuana — cannabis, weed, pot, ganja — and parents aren’t outraged yet.

The Harley Quinn annual that will be released October 29th will have four scents, one of which is marijuana and for US readers only. Billed as a “scenticular issue”, the annual will be pre-bagged to contain the odours.

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were sent scents to smell in advance and they narrowed down their options on what smelled real and worked with their plot. The annual involves Poison Ivy and a Harley Quinn who now manages an apartment complex in Coney Island.

What are the other smells, you ask? Leather, suntan lotion and pizza.

The opportunity to use a cannabis scent, which is a popular political issue, is sure to draw more attention than a regular scented issue. With four weeks until release, DC Comics has yet to experience the full attention a comic that smells like marijuana may yet garner.

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