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SEAL Team: Heroes with Heart

by Garyon September 26, 2017
You’d be forgiven if you assumed that SEAL Team starring David Boreanaz (Buffy, Angel, Bones) would be a symphony of explosions and archetypal American heroics; it isn’t. Not completely. If the pilot is any indication, it seems that SEAL Team will take great pains to show that the sacrifices these American warriors come not only at the front […]

The Sinner Set to Kill on Showcase

by Garyon August 21, 2017
The Sinner is your not typical crime show and that’s on purpose. It’s not typical because they tell you whodunit right at the start. The information the lead detective (Bill Pullman) needs to uncover is why; why did an ordinary woman commit an unspeakable and surprising crime, seemingly with no motive or rationale? It’s a clever twist […]

Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Takes Flight at Comic Con

by Garyon July 23, 2017
Last year we were the first outlets that broke the news that CBS’ new Star Trek show would feature the adventures of the USS Discovery and since then, we’ve been anxiously awaiting any news about the new entry into the Star Trek mythos. And here it is: the first trailer for the show premiered at […]

LEGO Building The Amazing at Comic Con

by Garyon July 21, 2017
The LEGO group booth is always one of the highlights on the dealer floor at Comic Con; not only do they have amongst the most coveted exclusives available, their booth is often a spectacle on its own. Last year LEGO introduced Brickheadz, an action figure/model made out of LEGO and they’re once again offering these […]

Marvel’s Inhumans Drops New Trailer at San Diego Comic Con

by Garyon July 21, 2017
Marvel released a new trailer for the Inhumans series coming this fall to ABC and…well…you don’t need my thoughts on it, watch it!     The first two episodes will show at Imax Theatres across North America, starting September 1st and screen for two weeks.   The show will debut on ABC on Friday, September 29th, […]

Spider-man Is Home: Review

by Garyon July 8, 2017
Spider-man: Homecoming is magnificent. It has all the elements that people love about Spider-man: great action, a compelling hero, great one-liners, an amazing supporting cast, and more. If it isn’t at all clear, Marvel Studios knows what they’re doing when it comes to making movies. This review does not contain spoilers. Their casting, as usual, […]

Wonder Woman: Finally

by Garyon June 3, 2017
Wonder Woman is fantastic; the DC extended universe has a truly great movie and it is about damn time. After films that were flawed but okay (Man of Steel), to obsessively anticipated but miss the mark (Batman V Superman), to films that had great promise but don’t quite measure up (Suicide Squad), Wonder Woman gives […]

Chin Han Waxes Philosophical About Ghost in the Shell

by Garyon March 27, 2017
“What does the rapid expansion of technology mean for mankind?” It was a rhetorical question, asked by Chin Han, one of the stars of Ghost in the Shell, in theatres across North America on Friday. The question was interesting; and not just because the interviewee was the one asking the questions. Han says the movie […]

Is Showcase’s Halcyon the Natural Evolution of Television?

by Garyon March 25, 2017
Picture this: a murder is committed; an iconoclastic genius is found dead in his home. This man has revolutionized the modern world with his innovative approach to virtual reality, and now he’s dead. With Halcyon, not only do you get to watch the mystery unfold, if you have a Samsung Gear VR, you can jack […]

Rogue One is a Paradox; And That is a Good Thing

by Garyon December 17, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as I wrote last year, had a lot riding on it. As the first canonical Star Wars film set outside of the original trilogies, it needs to perform well because…in many ways…it is an experiment. Yes, it`s true that fans flocked to The Force Awakens but retro is hot right now (look no further than Jurassic […]