Android Launches New Friendlier Branding

Android Launches New Friendlier Branding

October 17, 2014 0 By Marc

Be Together. Not the same.

Something very interesting happened with Android, that has nothing to do with any new operating systems or phones. They have now taken the approach of a new friendlier branding that no longer pits a “you vs them” attitude that has been so present over the past years. But now is sporting the new slogan of “Be Together. Not the Same”.

It is a very interesting approach to the war of Apple vs Android that has been out in the technology world over the past few years. Android no longer wants to slam the opposition by saying “we are better than you” or “our phone is superior”, but that its the differences that make us unique, and that is what needs to be celebrated.

Check out the two spots below and leave us your thoughts on the new branding, is it whats needed? Or just another ploy to bring users over from Apple.