Do You Want $190 Worth of Star Wars Comics For a Penny?

Do You Want $190 Worth of Star Wars Comics For a Penny?

October 17, 2014 0 By Marc

I do!

Due to the fact that Dark Horse comics owns the rights to the Star Wars comics for a few more months they are giving their fans one last chance to get some awesome comics for a very low price. Dark Horse has teamed up with Humble Bundle to release a package of eComics for whatever price you want. That price can be as little as a penny if you choose, or as much as you deem fit for the comics as well.

Keep in mind though the proceeds are split up between 3 places. The first being Dark Horse Comics, second being Humble Bundle, and the third beingĀ Comic Book Legal Defence Fund, a non-profit organization protecting the freedom to read comics. Thier work protects readers, creators, librarians, retailers, publishers and educators who face the threat of censorship. They monitor legislation and challenge laws that would limit the First Amendment. So keep that in mind at the checkout.

Another cool thing is that if you donate over the average donation about (currently at $10.55) you get another pack of comics as well, and if you donate over $15.00 you get the Shadow of Yavin set as well!

I suggest you all go over to Humble Bundle now and pick these up before they are gone!