Amazon Primed For Comic Con

Amazon Primed For Comic Con

July 18, 2019 0 By Gary

At the corner of First and Island, Amazon Prime Video has constructed a theme park (of sorts) dedicated to some of their shows including The Boys (premiering on July 26th), The Expanse, and Carnival Row.

Attendees of the con can visit every day (Thursday through Sunday) from 9AM-5PM.

The activation (industry speak for the event where you go and do things) has four main components.

There is a The Boys experience, where a group is out in the centre of a murder cover up, and the group is doing the covering; an Expanse experience where you step onto an alien world to help keep the peace; and a Carnival Row experience where you can step into a world where Fey are real.

In the centre of it all, dominating the landscape, is a central, mirrored tower. At certain points throughout the day stunt shows will take place there; a schedule is available when you arrive.

Of the three events I did two: The Boys and The Expanse.

The Boys experience is, in concept, just a very basic escape room; for those not familiar with an escape room, you enter a story, somewhere in the beginning or middle, and need to find clues or objects to help you progress to the end.

It was simple, but the actors used inside were excellent and really heightened the experience.

The experience takes about ten minutes and runs every fifteen (they need a bit of time to reset the room.)

The Expanse
leads you into a mystery; a ship ran into trouble upon landing, and you need to figure out how and why.

The team is sub divided in groups and each has a smaller part of the story to explore. The Expanse experience seemed more heavily scripted than The Boys, so it wasn’t quite as engaging, but the production value was quite hall.

There’s also a bit of a scavenger hunt; so keep your eye out for opportunities to score some!