Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 10: “Hieronymo’s Mad Again”

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 10: “Hieronymo’s Mad Again”

November 29, 2016 0 By Mel Burke

Before reading any further (or watching this episode) you’re gonna want a snuggle buddy because things are about to get creeeeeppppyyy. Oh, also, read my last Aftermath review and recap so you’re caught up.

Aftermath Episode 10: Hieronymo’s Mad Again Recap

Things get creepy right from the get go when The Copelands arrive in Idaho to find a “stretched man” and his family hanging from a tree. There’s some racial overtones here that I don’t have the time to get into right now but I’m sure I’ll yell about later.

The family continues their hunt for Tetra to cure Josh’s ever-worsening-Fever-Head-itis. They decide to stop in a seemingly abandoned extended care facility where they meet Nurse Crazy With a Gun. Matt holds down Josh in the RV while the Fever Head symptoms get worse and the women of the family get trapped in a house of horrors. Like, captured and drugged and potentially tortured in a room full of taxidermied corpses type of horrors.

Turns out Karen’s biker paradise loving father sent some goons to deal with Nurse Crazy’s family and now she wants revenge on Karen—taxidermy style.

The twins rescue their mom at the Nth moment as the moon begins to explode. The episode ends with the family outside the RV, Josh inside it going insane, and Dana imparting the happy knowledge that when those moon fragments hit the earth, they will be facing dinosaur levels of extinction.


Drugs are bad, Karen.

So What’dya Think?

WHAT THE HELL AFTERMATH. This episode was terrifying. And not in the “oh man what’s gonna happen next” thriller kind of way. This episode was STRAIGHT out of some Saw/Nightmare on Elm Street mash up with a little One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for good measure. I watched this alone AND I AM SORRY.

What was cool, however, was getting to see an inside look at what happens when someone catches the Fever. Josh’s episodes seeing blood on the walls and a mouthless little boy in combination with the moody tones and out of focus shifting of the camera for the whole episode was really artfully done. It definitely didn’t feel like an Aftermath episode, but that’s okay because it was a riotous watch the whole way through.

Just please hold my hand next time, okay?

Best Line of the Episode:“After what happened I shoot on sight now—it’s an open carry state thing.”

(Y’all I grew up in Idaho for real and she’s not kidding)

Aftermath airs every Tuesday on the SyFy channel, or if you’re a web-watcher like me you can catch full episodes online.