Vikings’ Return Will Pillage our Televisions

Vikings’ Return Will Pillage our Televisions

November 30, 2016 0 By Gary

When last we left Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrook stormed into Kattegat and asked who wanted to be king.

For the last decade or so, in his absence, his son Björn ruled in his stead.

Alexander Ludwig, the actor who’s brought the character to life over the past three seasons, believes this is the beginning of a pivotal arc for Bjorn.

“He has a choice between embarking on his own destiny or bending to his father’s will. [His decision] will have immense consequences on Bjorn forever. He’s assumed all this responsibility and his father returns and he needs to know why,” said Ludwig from Toronto.

The catastrophic end of season 4 part one invariably changed the landscape of the show.


Rollo’s crushing defeat of Ragnar and his forces at Paris forced Ragnar into exile and it is at this point that the showrunner made a brave decision; they advanced time.

All of Ragnar’s young sons are men (or what passes for men in the bygone age of Vikings) and much has changed.

They chose not to rest on their laurels and keep the show’s status quo; we can expect an explosive return and Bjorn figures to be at the heart of the drama, particularly given his close relationship with his uncle.


“Rollo always had a paternal relationship with Bjorn,” said Ludwig. “Bjorn now is going to have to make a political decision based on his incredibly strong feelings for his uncle and the future of his people.”

It sounds like Season 4 part two is going to hit the ground running and won’t stop until the season finale.

How will Bjorn react to his father’s return?

And what’s happened to Rollo over the last decade or so following his great victory against his people?

Find out tonight on HISTORY.


Vikings returns Wednesday, Nov 30 at 9pm ET/PT on HISTORY