Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 9: “The Barbarous King”

Aftermath Review and Recap Ep 9: “The Barbarous King”

November 22, 2016 0 By Mel Burke

The Copeland’s journey East begins this week, so if you’re not sure why they decided to point their compass that direction, then check out last week’s review and recap.

Aftermath Episode 9: The Barbarous King Recap

The family heads East and hints that they’ll be trekking through Idaho next after the radio announcer says it’s the place to be. They run into a biker barricade demanding tribute and it turns out (SURPRISE) that Karen knows their leader–it’s her dad.

Grandpa reveals that he’s maintaining his biker haven, called Paradise, by manufacturing the Fever Head drug Tetracycline. Karen and Josh get some solo kissing time for grown ups and grandpa sets the kids loose on an errand with some booze and guns. The kids run into some trouble at the bar where they’re supposed to be buying Ethanol from the owner–but the owner isn’t there so they drink and fight with each other instead. The fighting prompts Brianna to run away, come back as a skin walker, and have a fight with herself until Dana shoots the imposter–your basic girl’s night out level shit, you know?

Meanwhile, Josh tries to check out the crew making Tetracycline but discovers that they’re just killing the infected people that aren’t healed. He runs afoul of a shovel and ends up in the middle of the desert on a lot of forced drugs. Remember how Karen had her spiritual moment in the cave? Josh gets his in the desert.

The episode ends with everyone reunited and in one piece back at Grandpa’s biker haven and Josh coughs up blood into his hands. Fever Head infection? Too much dust in his lungs? Bad peyote hangover? We’ll have to find out!

So What’dya Think?

I absolutely rolled my eyes at the Grandpa reveal in the first 2 minutes of the episode. Karen can’t possibly know/be related to every person on the road in the North West. I lived up that way for a long time folks and that expanse of land is HUGE and there are a LOT of weirdos hiding in it.

The twins getting “drunk” (Brianna only PRETENDED to pour Dana drinks) and then fighting for half the episode was a fun interaction to watch and, despite the seemingly pettiness of it, the actresses really carried through with good energy. I’m actually pretty tickled that it only took nine episodes to get to the “there are two identical Briannas fighting and you have to shoot one” trope.

Best Line of the Episode: “Prick’s been playing Billy Joel since Friday.” “I want to kill you when you do that too!”


Aftermath airs on Tuesdays on the SyFy channel, but if you’re a web-watcher like me you can catch episodes online. Tune in next week where I’ll be explaining to Karen how six degrees of separation works but cheering on the heroes anyway.