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Vikings Season 4 Premier: In-Depth Q&A With Producers

by Kaitlyn Smithon November 25, 2016
This week, The GCE had the pleasure of taking part in Take 5’s presentation of the season 4 fall premier of History’s Vikings. Without giving anything away: yes, yes, yes. We’re finally delving into the heart of the legend, where it starts to become clear that Ragnar’s legacy does not end at his conquests. After the […]

Interview with Comic Artist Greg Capullo

by Jeff Fountainon August 30, 2016
From his early work on personal projects such as Gore Shriek and The Creech to his current job working on Batman, Greg Capullo has transformed his love of comic books into a very successful career. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Greg before his appearance at Fan Expo Canada about how he got […]

Interview With Actress Karen Allen at Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 25, 2016
While she has many TV and movies credits to her name including Animal House and Starman, Karen Allen is probably best known for her portrayal as Marion Ravenwood in the Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise. Recently we had the chance to talk to Karen while doing a round table interview at Toronto Comic Con. […]

Interview with actor Casper Van Dien At Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2016
With over one hundred acting credits to his name, Casper Van Dien has been able to work on many projects including Sleepy Hollow, Tarzan and the Lost City and the huge cult hit Starship Troopers. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Casper as part of a round table interview while he was at […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Punished Props

by Jordan Wilhelmon February 21, 2016
Last year I came across the wonderful eBooks known as the Foamsmith series. I used these books to help create my cosplay last year. These books helped me make cleaner foam cuts, learn clever painting techniques and even how to add LEDs. Recently I got to interview the author of these books and a creator of […]

An Interview with Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell

by Elodie Peyranoon January 15, 2016
She may spend most of her time in the 40’s on the set of Agent Carter, but Hayley Atwell is a modern girl. The show is the first of its kind that features a woman as the forerunner of the show, and while that may seem like an immense undertaking for the actress, Atwell has […]

Interview with Actor Maurice Compte of Narcos

by Jeff Fountainon December 18, 2015
With some solid work in television already on his resume, actor Maurice Compte is currently enjoying great success portraying Horacio Carrillo on the Netflix show Narcos. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Maurice about how he became an actor, his experience on Narcos and what is coming up for him in the future. […]

Interview with the Geekin’ Gorgeous Karli Woods

by Steph Mernaghon September 2, 2015
Karli Woods is a Jill of all trades. She started out writing on her blog called Geekin’ Gorgeous that eventually turned into a YouTube channel and led her into the world of cosplaying. Since then she has visited conventions all over interviewing celebrities including the incredible Stan Lee, all while rocking her favorite comic and […]

“Cosplay is My Life” An Interview with Kristen Hughey

by Steph Mernaghon September 2, 2015
Kristen Hughey is big on PC gaming, and it was because of gaming that she discovered the world of cosplay. What started out as a hobby turned into something even more special; an opportunity to visit different conventions all over, meeting fans that have begun to follow her cosplay builds. She will be a guest […]

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition 100% Sold Out!

by Marcon July 28, 2015
Nothing pre-war can stay.