A Closer Look at the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

A Closer Look at the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

March 5, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

After a great but brief Twitter campaign, Marvel released the 3rd and final Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer today. Surprisingly devoid of the “I’ve Got No Strings” theme, this trailer still managed to be even more epic than the last. After watching it 14 times in a row and managing to calm myself down enough that I could breathe normally again, I decided to put together a play-by-play and analysis of this hype-inducing masterpiece.

As is the norm, the trailer begins with beautiful establishing shots accompanied by an ominous voiceover by Ultron himself – but he’s not talking about strings this time. No, this time he gives us a brief version of his dramatic villain backstory (apparently delivering this speech to the Maximoff twins from atop a gothic throne) before diving straight into the fact that he’s going to destroy all hope in the world. Cue an awesome quinjet takeoff, an Ultron bot powering up, and Ultron unplugging himself from some mainframe or battery.


Yeah. It just got real, didn’t it?

After Ultron boldly declares that he ain’t gonna be part of your system with that dramatic unplugging action, we jump straight into some explosions and mass destruction to show that this Avengers movie is gonna blow up way more than just New York. Ultron then threatens to cause a human extinction event. You know, after the destroying hope thing.


Marvel logo

We finally get a shot of the newly renovated Avengers tower after it was foreshadowed at the end of the previous Avengers instalment. Tony Stark talks to Bruce Banner about how royally he messed up by creating the Ultron program, reminding hardcore comic book fans around the world that no, for the last time, Hank Pym is not in this movie.

Also are we all just going to ignore the fact that Iron Man 3 ended with Tony blowing up his suits in a grand gesture of love and personal growth, and yet his new plan is to build another robot? The last A.I. robot suit he built attacked Pepper in her sleep, why did he think this was a good plan?

So then we see some shots of the evil robot army Tony brought into this world – or maybe Ultron built them, but then it’s still technically Tony’s fault – followed by Thor getting knocked back by said robot army. Cap also fails to save the day when he doesn’t make it in time to save some innocent people from plummeting off a bridge. Which is funny cause I mean:

Yeah Steve doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to this whole ‘catching people’ thing.

Then there’s the shot that’s had all the buzz lately: the intimate Brutasha moment. During which BlackHawk (Natasha/Clint) and BlackEagle (Natasha/Steve) shippers everywhere went into immediate denial. By the way if we’re talking pairing names I much prefer Bromanoff or Green Widow for this ship, just saying.

Anywho, then Natasha calls out Tony for managing to screw up on such a tremendous scale and we’re back in business. Hawkeye breaks out some new gear that looks like mechanical Wolverine claws, which I was really excited about until I realized they probably weren’t Wolverine claws. In fact if you do a frame by frame it looks like a collection of telescopic arrows connected at the base.


AoU Group Shot


I can already tell that scene is going to cause major respiratory problems in the theatre. Geeks of all nations may be sent into cardiac arrest at the sheer awesomeness of this shot.

Then we get some cool individual Avengers shots: Natasha dropping from the quinjet on a motorcycle, Banner hulking out, shirtless Thor, concerned Hawkeye, and Tony Stark with Loki’s sceptre. There’s still debate on the sceptre’s status, but it has been vaguely confirmed that while it isn’t the Mind Stone, it is one of the Infinity Stones. I think I’ll wait until the movie to even start speculating on that one though.

Tony Sceptre

Nick Fury also finally comes out of hiding to lay down some dramatic prose about just how serious the situation is. And you know it’s important because Nick Fury only undeads himself for serious business. His appearance does make me wonder if anyone will at any point think to call in backup in the form of S.H.I.E.L.D. It would be so cool to see some of the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show up; especially Coulson, because all of the Avengers still think he’s dead. That would be an amusing after credits scene.

More action-y goodness follows, including Steve Rogers saying that he has “no plans tomorrow night” which is supposed to be taken as an “I’m prepared to die in this battle” sort of thing but for some it might come off more like a “yeah that’s right I’m available for date night ladies.”

Steve then decides to take on Ultron all on his own atop a moving vehicle – which if you look carefully, contains what appears to be an Iron Man suit (not sure if Tony’s in it though). Cap does manage to land a blow with the vibranium shield.

Cap vs Ultron

Which Ultron quickly swats away like it’s nothing, leaving Natasha to grab the shield as she passes. Which, I mean, thank goodness she’s right behind them because can you imagine if Steve just misplaced his shield like that? Not even having it destroyed in battle just “oh yeah I lost it on the highway somewhere.” And then they spend the entirety of Captain America: Civil War on a journey to Wakanda to see if Black Panther can make him a new shield. Hey, maybe I’m onto something here…

We already know that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch start off on the wrong side of the conflict at the beginning of this movie, apparently teaming up with Ultron, and in this trailer we finally get to see some of that come into play. Ultron clearly intends to use Wanda and Pietro to “tear them apart from the inside”, and we see Wanda doing just that with some scary red mind powers. In a clip shown at one of the Marvel events, you may remember hearing Tony talk to Steve about the “Maximoff kid” showing them their dark sides, which is probably what we’re seeing here.

Scarlet Witch

I’m not entirely sure how Pietro is going to tear anyone apart from the inside, although he does land a solid uppercut on Cap’s star spangled jaw. He’s not going to be very happy about that.


Yeah, you better run.

We also get some more angry Hulk vs. Hulkbuster action, which I’m guessing is another result of Wanda’s psychic corruption.

This movie also seems to have a running trend of “ya dun messed up” as Thor decides to taunt Ultron which leads him to release an entire army of robots on them. Steve is not impressed by your life choices, Thor.

Ultron Army


Black Widow Nightwing


AoU Battle

And cut!

Wait that’s it? It’s over? But there’s still a few seconds left wh– OH MY GOD IS THAT VISION?

Vision AoU

Yeah. That’s definitely Vision, people. And he looks more perfect than we could have imagined.

So… is it May 1st yet?