Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell – Now in Canada

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell – Now in Canada

April 19, 2019 0 By Gary

There are lots of people in this world that really, really, hate their jobs, and think their office is hell.

Some folks even hate their bosses so much they think they’re the devil.

But what is your office WAS hell and your boss WAS The Devil?

This is the premise of Adult Swim’s show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, which conveniently, is now available in Canada. It stars Henry Zebrowski, as Gary, and Matt Servitto as the Devil.

The show has been described (by its stars) as “Laverne and Shirley meets a Hieronymus Bosch Painting” and ever-so eloquently this way “sometimes stars collide and make a group of Muppets. On acid.”

“The Harrowing of Hell by Heironymus Bosch” courtesy of

If that doesn’t pique your interest, nothing will, but here’s a shot at it: the series features Gary, as one of the Devil’s minions. Now, Gary  isn’t particularly good at his work, and he’s maybe a little too nice, so Satan goes out of his way to make Gary’s life hell. (Get it?)

Gary differs from the other demons because of his “sense of style, and overall attitude with it.” While playing Gary, Zebrowski draws from a pastiche of images (which should give you a sense of the madcap nature of this show) “It’s a lion’s strength and pride; an old boot; treasure; Nashville power chickens.”

When asked if Garys do it better, Zebrowski’s response was: “No, generally Garys are a disappointment,” which I found disappointing because in my experience Garys do in fact do it better, but I digress. (READ THE ROOM ZEBROWSKI.)

When they heard about the premise of the show, Servitto and Zebrowski’s reaction was visceral: “absolutely excited” because “anything produced by Dave Willis is something [we] want to be a part of.”

Throughout the interview there were frequent references of a scatological nature, and this question was no different as Zebrowski referred to “taking a dump all over it…” but in the context, he was describing his absolute glee at participating in a well produced show, that was “very smart.” It may not sound like a good thing. But trust me, it is.

One thing that allowed them to blossom creatively was the freedom allowed them by the network: “[we were] left alone by Adult Swim. They were part of the process, but they allowed us to create the world and let us stay there.”

The interview ended up being as wacky as the show, which is well worth checking out on Adult Swim in Canada.

Just avoid anyone holding a bowling ball…


Thanks to Matt Servitto and Henry Zebrowski

Images courtesy of Adult Swim except where indicated