An X-Men Parody, Wes Anderson Style

An X-Men Parody, Wes Anderson Style

March 5, 2015 0 By EVA

From Patrick Willems comes this hilarious X-Men parody done in the unique spirit of Wes Anderson, the director of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Grand Budapest Hotel among other notable works.

The dialogue, visual tone and soundtrack are a dead ringer for Anderson’s signature style. While the background setting seems distinctly more Brooklyn than Westchester, the video combines a compelling mix of entertaining visual effects and low-budget costumes to achieve an optimal balance of satire and tribute to the X-Men.

It also shines a light on some of the more questionable aspects of X-Men’s premise: “Didn’t you get the letter? We’re a school but we’re also a paramilitary mutant strike force.

On his YouTube channel, Willems describes himself as “one of the thousands of twenty-something, white male filmmakers in New York City” as well as “the Terrence Malick of YouTube. But with a slightly more consistent schedule.

Watch his short and the behind-the-scenes video below. Let us know your thoughts and favorite parts in the comments!