Why You Need to Watch Santa Clarita Diet Right NOW!

Why You Need to Watch Santa Clarita Diet Right NOW!

February 13, 2017 0 By Hannah Broadbent

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new show Santa Clarita Diet yet, what have you been doing with your life? There’s only 10 episodes so far, that are each 30 minutes long. You can definitely binge this show! Hands down this is the best horror-comedy show to come to Netflix in a long time. If you still aren’t convinced, then here are a few reasons why you should watch Santa Clarita Diet.

The Plot:

Santa Clarita Diet is about married realtors, Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant), and their teenage daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson). Their lives are perfect but everything changes when Sheila mysteriously dies, then comes back as a…zombie. Her heart’s not beating but she feels great and she also has to eat people. From happy family to murderous family, what can go wrong?

I loved how this show isn’t your typical zombie show. It really shows what it would be like if a real family was put in this sometimes unfortunate situation (Sheila does find herself having more energy and boldness) and how they might handle it. How do you handle your wife eating people? You smoke a lot of weed, cuss and help her murder bad people, that’s how Joel does it. You know you’d be dropping the F-Bomb, too.

The Actors:

Drew Barrymore is a zombimolator (zombie/mom/relator) and it’s amazing. The chemistry between her and Timothy Olyphant is fantastic and everyone else in the show is just so wonderful. My biggest takeaway from watching Santa Clarita Diet was seeing how good Timothy Olyphant’s comedic timing is. I hadn’t really seen him in anything except when he had short cameos as Danny Cordray on The Office. In the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet we see a few big names such as Andy Richter (Late Night with Conan) and Nathan Fillion (Firefly) but overall Olyphant definitely stole the show.


The Writing:

The writing overall was good. There were many times where I was laughing out loud, and other times I didn’t quite care for. Overall the jokes were relatable, especially for couples. There’s a scene where Joel and Sheila are about to bury a Tupperware full of juicy body parts and the whole time they’re arguing about where the lid for the damn thing is. Since the lid was missing they had to use Saran Wrap instead, which resulted in blood spilling everywhere. Where do those Tupperware lids go, anyways? Later in the episode Shelia finds the lid and bemoans that it now has no purpose.


The Promos:

Under Netflix’s ‘Trailers and More’ option, they have a couple promos for Santa Clarita Diet where it’s basically like a diet commercial. Here’s Shelia’s:

I fell in love with how real they tried making this show and the promos. I know it’s about zombies, but you really do get tired of watching the same old “zombie apocalypse” show over and over again, especially when it seems like no one has ever heard of zombies before.

The Fact That the Show is Actually Kind of Feminist:

In the first episode, “So Then a Bat or a Monkey,” Shelia [SPOILERS] murders a man who basically would not take no for an answer. He keeps pushing her to have sex with him, even showing up at her house to make a move on her, so what does she do? She bites his fingers off, and also his unmentionables. There are other little pro-female moments throughout the show, but this was the moment that resonated the most with me.

I definitely feel that Santa Clarita Diet is a great zombie show for women to watch. We’ve watched so many shows where women are in this apocalyptic world and are still having to live up to beauty standards. There’s a great article from The Huffington Post about the women the still apparently shave their armpits in The Walking Dead, because that is obviously what their priority is.

The show is worth the watch. Let us know in the comments if you watched it and if you liked it!