The Walking Dead “Claimed” Recap

The Walking Dead “Claimed” Recap

February 24, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

There’s more in the post-apocalyptic world to worry about than just walkers.

In this episode, we are back to Rick, Carl and Michonne. While Rick recovers, Michonne and Carl take over collecting food and other necessities from nearby homes that they’ll need to survive. While out, Michonne reveals to Carl that she had a three year old child of her own after failing to cheer him up over a can of spray cheese. Before they can get into any kind of backstory though, they cut away.

Back at the house as Rick gets some much needed rest, another group shows up and begins to go through their temporary home. Rick barely avoids detection by rolling under the bed with his book and water, attempting to hide the fact that anyone has recently been in the house. He’s scared, and his face and eyes show it as he tries to quiet his breathing and has to think of a way to escape.

Michonne and Carl begin to clear a house that looks more pristine than the others they have come across; no walkers, no sign of violence or death–that is until Michonne finds a rather unsettling photo. Then, she uncovers the fate of the once-homeowners, all dead in a childs room with a bullet to their head each. It’s in the house that she begins to open up to Carl about her son, Andre. While we still don’t know what happened to the toddler, it’s great to see that Michonne is getting more screen time and we get to know a little bit more about her. As both a fan of Danai Gurira and the character, I can’t wait to see more.

At the house, Rick bides his time under the bed, trying to wait out the man sleeping above him. Another man comes upstairs and muscles the current occupant out of the bed, effectively choking him out–just to get the bed. The worst part is that the man that was choked out saw Rick under the bed, but passes out before he can warn the other man. Whoever these guys are, it’s clear that if they were to find Rick, they’d probably just kill him. He has to not only come up with a plan of escape, but hope against hope that Michonne and Carl don’t come back to the house before he can warn them.


Meanwhile, we get another glimpse at Glenn and Tara on their journey with Abraham and his companions. When Glenn wakes and realizes what’s going on, he wants to go back to look for Maggie. They’re three hours away and he finds out they’re traveling to get Eugene to Washington, DC. All Glenn wants to do is get back to Maggie, but thankfully, Abraham is there to be the voice of reason. Of course, Glenn doesn’t want to listen to it and throws the first punch; the two men fight it out as walkers find their way through a corn field to the roadside where they are fighting.

Eugene tries his best to protect himself and the others from the walkers, but despite being in a zombie apocalypse for a year and a half, hasn’t learned how to use an assault rifle and ends up puncturing the gas tank of their truck and effectively ruining any plans for Washington DC. Rosita decides she’s going with Tara and Glenn, and despite Abraham’s glaring daggers, Eugene suggests they stay together until they can get another vehicle to make their way to Washington.

“Trust me, I’m smarter than you.”

Back at the house, Rick makes a daring escape from the unidentified group (Sons of Anarchy, maybe?) and manages to catch up with Carl and Michonne before they’re seen. But who are the mystery men, and will we be seeing them again? The man we see on the porch is a rather well-known actor named Jeff Kober (who has been in shows like New Girl and Sons of Anarchy), so our bet is that this is not the last we will see from him. It’s funny because we recognized his face but it took until Chris Hardwick mentioned his name on Talking Dead that we were able to figure out his name. Going on imdb, we found that no information could be found on there about who he was on the show; he wasn’t credited. So why is he such a big secret? Who is he really?

Edited to add: Jeff Kober’s imdb has now revealed that he plays a character named ‘Harley’.

In the end, we see Rick, Carl and Michonne walking down some familiar tracks, stopping to read a banner on a railcar;

“Sanctuary for all. Community for all.”

Will we get to see our survivors reach Terminus in the next couple episodes? Is this rough and tough biker-type gang going to make another appearance to stir up trouble? Did this episode leave you biting your nails? Are you worried Abraham might be the next “pretends to be good” bad guy? Leave your comments below!

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