Try For Justice – Convergence: Titans #1 Review

Try For Justice – Convergence: Titans #1 Review

April 9, 2015 2 By EVA

Roy Harper, Donna Troy, and Starfire are back in full force with the first wave of tie in’s for DC’s two month long event Convergence. Convergence: Titans written by Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool) and illustrated by Ron Wagner (Punisher) remind us what it means to be a titan, with strength and courage throughout its pages. It has been a long time coming for the return of these fan favorites because while these three characters may be present in the current universe of DC’s New 52, the majority of fans can agree that the characterization of the trio has been severely lacking.

titans001SPOILERS below so read at your own risk, guys. There should also be a warning that anyone preparing to read this issue should bring a handy pack of Kleenex with them.

It’s been almost a year since the events of Cry of Justice and Rise & Fall; Lian Harper is dead at the hands of Prometheus, and Roy Harper has lost his right arm. For any parent who loses his child, it seems to be the end of the world. Even the world’s greatest hero couldn’t prepare for such a thing. Yet Roy Harper is living, trying to make a life worth as such, one away from a path of ruin. During that year, a dome has shrouded itself over Gotham, canceling out the powers of meta humans like Donna Troy and Starfire as well as some meta human technology including Roy Harper’s arm. Unfortunately, the reason for that and a why are extremely unclear and while readers can hope for an explanation in the continuing issue next month, it seems highly doubtful we will receive it.

The death of Lian Harper almost six years ago is a moment that DC has faced the backlash of tenfold. 2009’s Cry For Justice has been ranked among the list of worst comic book events more than once and it sometimes even takes the number one spot on the lists from readers. Dan Didio has even eluded in interviews that the death of Lian has been one of the company’s biggest regrets in terms of its complicated storytelling. Convergence: Titans was DC’s one final chance to atone for that moment, but at what price?

Once again we see Roy Harper faced with dark temptation, an ultimatum in an attempt to change fate all while steering him down that dark path we’ve seen him stray so far away from.

While the issue may focus on Roy and the previous trauma that has surrounded his character, there is no lack of butt kicking from Donna and Kory. The girls are back in action and its great to see them fighting side by side once more.

I already feel myself emotionally tied to this story and honestly there’s a small part of me that feels like the characters never left us. The history between the heroes featured, while limited, is present throughout the entire issue, even reminding readers of little things like the previous relationship between Arsenal and Donna Troy. Through this 48-page issue, we see more devoted friendships than the rest of the New 52 combined, something the current universe has been severely lacking in. This doesn’t just seem like a subject for this particular Convergence tie in but a running theme for all upcoming tie in titles.

But is this really what readers have been waiting for? Is this really how DC expects to correct its mistakes with the death of not one, but two more characters in exchange for another? I’m not buying it and fully expect the next issue to prove otherwise, possibly with a knockout arrow excuse. Readers have seen it before so it’s definitely a possibility, right?

After all these years, fans are finally getting to see a life for Roy Harper post his cataclysm during Rise & Fall one of many things left seemingly unfinished when DC Comics rebooted their universe with the New 52. Convergence: Titans has definitely set the bar high in regards to the rest of the events tie in. It seems like next month can’t come soon enough but until then make sure to head out to your local comic book shop or head on over to Comixology and pick up a copy of Convergence: Titans today! And as always, happy reading!