Top 5 Most Anticipated Games at E3

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games at E3

June 4, 2013 0 By Marc

The GCE’s top 5 most anticipated games that will be at E3.


5. Super Mario Wii U

The Wii U has not been doing too great, it’s not new news.  But with this console building up a lot of dust on people shelves, there is a reason to brush it off and plug it back in. Mario is coming back to entertain us on the Wii U, and it will be awesome. There is not very much info regarding the game out there yet, but there will be a playable demo available for people to get their hands on. This game has the development team that was behind the Galaxy games, and I am hoping that they utilize the tablet in new ways to not only make this game fun, but take full advantage of the hardware available to them.



4. Metal Gear Solid v

MGS:V is said to be Hideo Kojima’s most ambitious game in the series to date, and it looks like Big Boss is the new bad guy.  No word yet if David Hayter will reprise his role of Solid Snake yet, but we can hope to have him back at least one more time. No info yet on the storyline or how this will continue the MG legacy, we anticipate these questions to be answered at E3 from Kojima himself.



3. Assassins Creed 4

ASSASSINS! PIRATES! SHIP WARFARE! Are we excited yet? This time around you are Connor’s grandfather Edward Kenway sailing around the Carribbean with his buddy BlackBeard. Many still have still to finish AC3, and know the full story of Connor and his rise as an assassin. We can just hope that this game will add more to the story and that amazing naval warfare that all gamers were addicted to.



2. Beyond: Two Souls

This game looks to take a gamer through the up and down of the life of Jodie Holmes in a very dramatic way. We have seen other games such as Heavy Rain attempt to handle and portray heavy dramatic emotion into the game, and pull it off effectively. With stars such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe  backing the project as the voice and face actors to the game does make it very promising. This game will show at E3 and will show us how Sony tackled the emotional storytelling in this game.



1. Watch_Dogs

This open world game from Ubisoft Montreal has been teasing gamers for a while now since it was unveiled at E3 2012. We have seen some game play and even a small trailers over the year, but that is still not enough to quell our thirst for more of this game. You control antihero Aiden Pearce as he hacks into phones, terminals and accesses various city systems to aid him in taking down the scum that slips through the fingers of the law. This game looks ambitious, exciting, and finally something new that we have not seen before and that’s why it sits #1 in our list.