Thor #1 Review

Thor #1 Review

October 6, 2014 0 By EVA

I’ll admit that I was hesitant on picking up Thor #1 when it hit the shelves this past week. The idea behind changing Thor into a female instead of the classic character at first left me very hesitant on the direction of this story. Thor #1 has been one of the more anticipated releases to come from Marvel since the announcement was made. Much to my own surprise, after reading this first issue I found that I thoroughly enjoyed what Marvel is doing in the wake of Original Sin.

Thor #1 picks up right after the events of Original Sin and if you haven’t read that story arc, then you will want to either before you read this or even more so after. The book opens up with setting up our first opposition in Malekith and the Frost Giants working together in an attack on Earth. After setting this up, the story takes readers to the moon where Thor is still to be found with the hammer Mjolnir planted firmly and unmovable on the ground. The main cast of characters from Asgard, now known as Asgardia, are gathered around and thor1discussing that Thor has not moved from the hammers side for a long period of time, with his only focus set on picking the hammer up. Odin has returned and has quite the “domestic” argument with his wife Freyja over who should be resuming command over Asgard. With the issue unresolved, Thor decides to take his leave and set upon his journey to Earth to attempt to help from the attack. It’s then that we see Freyja take a glance towards the hammer before we cut back to Earth and see the entrance of Thor wielding a Axe and riding a goat. Yes, that’s right, a goat.

By now, readers have probably noticed they haven’t had a single glance of this new female Thor and we don’t get this until the very final pages of the book. It’s left a mystery on who the new Thor’s identity is going to be but there is that subtle hint that it may very well be Freyja herself assuming the mantle. For a first issue, this leaves the reader more than curious and interest piqued enough to continue with the story as it unfolds. You can be sure that the story will definitely revolve around the mystery of who the new Thor is and our classic Thor’s journey and struggle without the hammer and how he is going to get by.

Aside form the story, artist Russell Dauterman has definitely outdone himself, illustrating a well rounded book and truly drawing you in to each and every page that is presented.

If you ask me, the new Thor reboot is going to be an interesting run and something that you may not want to pass up if you’re a fan of getting some original stories with the characters you know and love. I’ll be waiting impatiently for issue two to hit the shelves.