This Witcher Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

This Witcher Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

May 19, 2016 0 By Alanna Smith

Last week the team behind The Witcher held an event in Italy for their new DLC Blood and Wine, which hits stores at the end of the month. And the star of the event? The Witcher himself. The sword-wielding Geralt de Rivia was brought to life by Maul Cosplay and photographed to stunning effect by eosAndy, to the point where I needed to double check that some of these photos were real and not just ridiculously detailed in-game screenshots. I don’t doubt that this man could literally slay monsters.

Maul Cosplay (AKA Ben Schamma) is an actor, stuntman, cosplayer and the founder and show producer at Defcon Unlimited, a German cosplay/stunt team that specializes in live-action promotion. The entire costume from spot-on makeup to glowing sword was a combined effort from the Defcon team – including Maja Felicitas, Lenora Costumes and Flying Illustration.

Enjoy these amazing shots and be sure to check out the artist’s pages.

The Blood and Wine DLC comes out May 31, 2016 for PS4, XBOX One and Windows.

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geralt de rivia

geralt de rivia 2 witcher cosplay

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maul cosplay

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