New York Comic Con Combats Ticket Resellers with New Fan Verification Process

New York Comic Con Combats Ticket Resellers with New Fan Verification Process

May 18, 2016 0 By Laura Cerrone

In recent years venues, promoters and events have all been working on ways to stomp out ticket resellers from marking up tickets to exorbitant prices.

To combat the price inflation, ReedPOP has adapted a new ticket purchasing process for its New York Comic Con it hosts every fall. Prospective attendees first need to fill out a profile that they will link with their tickets. If they are buying for more than one person, each person receiving a ticket needs their own profile. Fans can start filling out these profiles for the Fan Verification process on May 20, and you can read more about the process below in the message NYCC sent out.

Also changing this year is New York Super Week. ReedPOP is handing over the reigns to the weeklong events to NYCC Presents, promising events through Manhattan and Brooklyn leading up to the convention.

“At ReedPOP we put our fans first and this process is to get as many tickets into the hands of those fans, plain and simple,” said Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. “We know it is a little more work for our fans but we hope they will happily work with this new system if it helps to thwart ticket brokers and ticket resellers.”
New York Comic Con runs form Oct. 6 – 9 this year.


Here is the outline of the new process:

NYCC Fans,


Each year when we take over the Javits Center in October, we have one priority in mind: you, the NYCC Fans. We don’t run NYCC year after year because we love hanging out by the Hudson or we need to reach our step goal in October, we do this because we want to provide the experience of a lifetime to everyone who attends NYCC each year.


With that in mind, we want the New York Comic Con 2016 Ticket buying experience to be as smooth and fair as possible, so this year we are requiring Fan Verification. What does Fan Verification mean? It means we are requiring anyone interested in attending NYCC to fill out a profile between Friday, May 20 and Monday, June 13. We recognize that this is an extra step before buying your Tickets and requires more commitment from you, but we also know that as true Fans of the Show, you won’t mind making it tough for the supervillains out there. Here’s a quick look at nine important points for this new process:


  1. Fan Verification is required for NYCC 2016. Everyone who would like to attend NYCC (whether you are buying Tickets yourself or someone is buying them for you) must fill out a Fan Verification profile.


  1. Kids who will be ages 6-12 at the time of NYCC 2016 and will be using a NYCC 2016 Adult Ticket or Sunday Kids Ticket do not need a Fan Verification profile for their NYCC 2016 Ticket.
  2. Fan Verification will be open from Friday, May 20 at 12:00 PM EDT to Monday, June 13 at 11:59 PM EDT. Fill out your Fan Verification profile correctly and completely – there’s no need to rush through it.
  3. All NYCC 2016 Ticket Types will go on sale at the same time on a first-come, first-served basis. Fan Verification does not guarantee NYCC Tickets.
  4. We will no longer be selling VIP Tickets for NYCC.
  5. NYCC 2016 Tickets will only be sold online. NYCC Tickets will not be on sale at retailers or any events leading up to NYCC 2016.
  6. All Fans who filled out a Fan Verification profile will be notified via email 48 hours prior to NYCC Tickets going on sale.
  7. The email you receive with the NYCC on-sale date will include a unique link where you will have the opportunity to purchase Tickets first-come, first-served when they go on sale. There is a one transaction limit per link.


  1. If you are purchasing Tickets for you and your friends or family, you must assign each individual Ticket to a person using the name and email address they created their Fan Verification profile with. If you are purchasing a Ticket for a kid ages 6-12, you will add their name and age to the Ticket.


These changes are being done with you in mind and the hope that more of you will get the opportunity to experience NYCC. Please visit for complete details on the NYCC Ticketing process along with other important NYCC Show news.


Thank you for your commitment and passion for the Show and willingness to take these extra steps to help us get more Tickets into your hands. We’re looking forward to giving you even more amazing content to experience with us and can’t wait to reveal more of what we’ve been working on for you. NYCC 2016 is going to be our best show yet and it’s all going to start with Fan Verification improving the Ticket buying process for you.


Stay nerdy,