The Wide World of iOS Gaming

The Wide World of iOS Gaming

March 11, 2016 0 By EVA

The world of gaming is constantly broadening its horizons, and with each passing day it becomes a more accessible and mainstream hobby in modern culture. It used to be that to play a game, you needed to go to the arcade and sink all of your spare change into the machines. Then, as time went on, innovations enabled people to play video games at home through consoles and PC’s, growing more and more sophisticated all the time. Now, you can play your favourite games at any time with a portable device and an internet connection.

Apple’s tablets have become very capable and robust gaming platforms over the years thanks to constant improvements and developments to the software, and these days it’s easier than ever to play games through your tablet or smartphone. Whether you want to use to games to help your children learn or simply want to unwind yourself after a long day, all you have to do is click through on your tablet to get started.

The rise in iOS games can be attributed to a variety of developments, but it’s largely down to the fact that the overall experience has improved considerably over the last few years, both in terms of user experience and aesthetic. Games look better than they ever have and the actual experience has become more responsive, intuitive and enjoyable. Various game developers have worked hard to make their games playable through the iPad and other smart devices, with companies like Lucky Nugget transforming the traditional casino into a successful online endeavour. Lucky Nugget has managed to find a new audience as online roulette has developed its graphic capabilities and provided players with a remote casino experience. As games continue to improve in this way, companies like Lucky Nugget and other game brands will be able to expand their audience in ways that were previously not possible.

Now, in 2016, you can play a huge variety of game types and genres through your device, widening your game experience to include all kinds of experiences. For example, if you’re a fan of action games then you can play titles like Vainglory, World of Tanks and the Infinity Blade series. The list goes on, covering everything from puzzle games to shooter titles like the colourfully psychedelic Geometry Wars. There has been a huge outpouring of creativity and innovation in the games industry over the last decade, with indie developers coming to the fore in particular.

And, of course, there are classic titles that come under the admittedly broad umbrella of ‘casual gaming,’ such as Plants vs Zombies and the ubiquitous Angry Birds. With games looking and working better than ever, gone are the days where you needed the latest consoles or a top-notch PC to enjoy your favourite titles.