10 Important Civil War Trailer Moments (That Weren’t Spider-Man)

10 Important Civil War Trailer Moments (That Weren’t Spider-Man)

March 12, 2016 1 By Alanna Smith

Yesterday the wonderful and all-powerful overlords at Marvel bestowed upon us a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War,  sending millions into hype-induced-heart-attacks worldwide. Personally I stopped functioning like a normal human being for the next hour or so after watching it, but I did eventually compose myself so I consider that a win.

Of course, a big reason the Internet pretty much burst into flames was because of the 5-second Spider-Man reveal, something many fans have been waiting for, to the point where everyone kind of forgot this is still a Captain America movie. But I’m here to snap you out of the Spidey fangirling for a minute and point out that there were a lot of other epic and key moments in this trailer to pay attention to.

1. Tony Stark’s Superhero Prison

civil war starkprisonIn the comics, unregistered superheroes are detained in Prison 42, a special prison in the Negative Zone built by Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Yellowjacket. We finally got our first look at the MCU’s version of this, which seems to be hidden in the middle of the ocean rather than another dimension/universe.

civil war prison42

2. Bucky flees Black Panther

civil war bucky panther

We’ve seen a clip of Black Panther running in the tunnels in the first trailer, but now we get a longer look at him actually catching up to and taking down the Winter Soldier. A not-so-friendly reminder that T’Challa is not to be messed with, and adding more to the question of “what exactly did Bucky do that’s making T’Challa hunt him?”

3. Black Widow’s Inner Conflict

civil war blackwidow

Natasha’s personal views have put her on Team Iron Man, but given how much she’s been through with Cap and Hawkeye, many fans have been questioning the side she chose in this fight – and it looks like she might be too. “I’m not the one that needs to watch their back” she tells Tony, hinting at her inner conflict with this issue. In the comics, a few people did switch sides in the war, and if they go this route Natasha could be one of the top choices to have a change of heart.

4. Who’s in the Tank?

civil war tankman

In this scene of Tony and Steve fighting, we see someone submerged in a tank bathed in yellow light in the background. The obvious answer as to who would be Bucky, but if you watch carefully you can see that Bucky is moving around behind Tony doing… something. In the Civil War event in the comic books, robotics and AI comes into play in a big way, with one side essentially “resurrecting” their fallen teammates as a sort of clone. And while we don’t have the same key characters available in this film as in the comics, we do have a fallen teammate whose unauthorized/secret “resurrection” would be a huge move in the middle of this war (“you didn’t see that coming”).

5. Bulletproof Panther

civil war bulletproof

When Black Panther is shot at by a machine gun in a helicopter, he is completely unfazed as the bullets bounce right off of him. It’s no surprise he’s bulletproof since his suit is woven from vibranium – he’s basically wearing Cap’s shield – but this was still so epic to see in action. There are also already some terrible hilarious memes comparing this moment to Quicksilver’s uh… less successful encounter with a machine gun.

6. Scarlet Witch Takes Down the Vision

civil war angrywitch

In what looks to be a fit of rage, Wanda gives us a show of her powers as she forces Vision to kneel with her telekinesis. Why is she so angry? We’ll find out later. Though it may have something to do with what looks like a body laying at her feet. Some have speculated that this is Hawkeye, taken down by Vision, and Wanda is retaliating.

7. Ant-Man Hitches a Ride

civil war antmanarrow

There are some awesome team-up moves you just know they’ve got to put on screen, and Ant-Man hitching a ride to the action on one of Hawkeye’s arrows is absolutely one of them. I thought Cap reflecting Iron Man’s repulsor beam off his shield was cool in The Avengers, but this new combo definitely takes first prize.

8. Cap vs Crossbones


We get a fairly good look at Crossbones in his full costume facing off with Cap. It’s quick, but it’s enough to cement my assumption that this Crossbones fight will probably be one of the first things that happens in the film, a triggering incident that may be dealt with quickly but sets off all the trouble to come.

9. “I Could Do This All Day”


This little line may not seem like much, but it happens to be the exact same line Steve once said to that bully who was beating him up in an alley in 1941. He’s delivering it the same way too: beaten and tired and staggering, up against a considerably powerful rival, but still with his fists up ready to fight. It drives home the painful thought that Steve is still doing what he’s doing just because he doesn’t like bullies, and Tony has become a bully himself, he’s the bad guy Steve has to protect others from. (If Bucky swoops in and saves Steve again just like when he was a scrawny kid I will cry 10,000 tears.)

do this all day

10. The Battle Shot


Alright, this shot is just pretty cool. It’s also a really interesting comparison to that one epic battle shot from the Age of Ultron trailers, where the whole team was attacking from the same side rather than opposing ones like they are now. (As Drax would say: “Metaphor”.)

age of ultron team