The Week in Geek

The Week in Geek

April 2, 2013 0 By EVA

We’re wrapping up this Week in Geek with some news about meteorites, solar system photography, reddit and more!

  • Could a small meteorite found last year possibly be the first ever found from Mercury? The unusual green rock, called NWA 7325, was spotted in southern Morocco in 2012, comprising 35 fragments totaling about 345 grams. Experts now believe it may have come from the surface of Mercury. Read more about it here.

  • Always fun to see what creative minds can come up with when they’re bored. Nothing like a “Solar System Photography Challenge” to keep your creative juices flowing!


  • Is Reddit breaking into the video game industry? A hilarious April Fool’s joke went on for hours on Reddit, featuring Team Orangered and Team Periwinkle, the latter included Wil Wheaton tweeting all about the hijinks.
  • iWhat? iRadio for Apple products is coming – “iRadio is coming. There’s no doubt about it anymore,” music industry insiders told the tech site. The “multiple” sources added that talks between Apple and leading music labels such as Universal and Warner had taken significant steps forward recently, increasing the chances of a launch in the coming months. Read more here!

  • NASA is taking some hints from something we geeks all know and love! Check out this Star Wars-inspired robot powered by a smartphone.


  • Whovians rejoice! Some fan favourites are coming back for the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who next season! Check out the article from the BBC here.

  • This week we mourn the loss of Richard Griffiths, who you may know as Vernon Dursley from the Harry Potter movies as well as countless other roles in his long and brilliant career. Take a look back at his career here. Richard Griffiths was 65; he died on March 28, 2013 following complications from heart surgery.