The Walking Dead “The Next World” Review

The Walking Dead “The Next World” Review

February 21, 2016 0 By Marc

Things are changing, and it looks like it will be a good thing for once.

This review will be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode don’t read this.

Last week the mid season premiere gave us everything we could have wanted from the episode. We got rocket launchers, dead kids, and Carl getting his new signature look. This weeks episode picks up from last week, but is slightly ahead in the timeline. Carl is up and around, bandage on his eye still, but is back to his old self for the most part.


We get a look at how everyone else is doing as well around Alexandria, and a small update is shown for the group. We know that Tara and Denise are happy and living together now, Rick is home and happy with this kids, and Michonne needs toothpaste. Things have seemed to have settled down after the horde came through town, taking out a large amount of Alexandrian’s including Deanna, and Jessie. The group is back to their normal tasks of building up the city and ensuring the town is supplied. The need for supplies is what starts the chain of events that fuel this episode.

Rick and Daryl venture out to find supplies by looting through old buildings, abandoned areas and barns. They specifically get instructions from Eugene to find Sorghum “a criminally underrated crop” that could help out the town immensely in regards to their food supply. With that in mind the two set out to find food, medicine, and anything else that could help their cause. This supply run once again brings back the bond that Rick and Daryl shared in earlier seasons, but had seem to have been lost lately with all the chaos of Alexandria. Rick and Daryl fall right back into the friendship and use this close bond to not only find the food they need, but also deal with the latest addition to the cast.


This episode introduces a major character from the comic universe, Paul “Jesus” Monroe, who is a member of the Hilltop Colony, and at least in the comics a long time member of the group. As far as what Jesus’s role will be in the television series is unknown, but he did get a chance to show off not only his notable hand to hand combat which he uses against the undead, but also his ability to escape from impossible situations. Actor Tom Payne (Skins, Luck) is portraying Jesus, long hair and all, and does a real good job bringing the character to life on the screen.

This whole episode could be the start the introduction of one of two groups, we will either see the introduction of Negan, or the introduction of the Saviors. Either would be an interesting development with the group, considering both groups are dangerous foes to deal with.


Outside of the introduction of the new face, we also get to see some character development of someone who could become a larger part of the group if his cards are played right. Spencer is the only member of the Monroe family left in Alexandria and it is finally time for him to step forward and do his mother right by acting more responsible for the groups sake. He spends the entire episode trying to find the roaming corpse of his mother to try and bury her and move on with his life. He gets that chance, but only with the help of Michonne and Carl. Spencer has the ability and strength to be a moving force in the group, just as long as he throws his recklessness away and learns from the more experienced members of the group.

The final thing i will touch on in this episode is something really unexpected, but totally awesome… Rick and Michonne hooking up. We have seen Rick’s horrible luck with the ladies, and the simple fact he cannot seem to keep any of them alive. It looks like once and for all we have the greatest power couple since Kanye West and his love for himself. Traditionally in the comics Michonne fell for Tyreese and Morgan, but to see this turn of events is pretty awesome, and im excited to see how they develop this deadly couple.