The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review – Last Day On Earth

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review – Last Day On Earth

April 4, 2016 0 By Marc

Season 6’s finale gave us everything we wanted, well almost.The hype train for season 6’s finale has been chugging since the release that Negan would be the main villain for season 7 and would première at the end of season 6. The train got longer and more exciting when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was announced to portray Negan in the show, which in my opinion was perfect. Everyone went crazy with the possibility of one of the major characters from the first season would possibly meet their end this season by Lucille. The finale had so much hype you could see it ooze from every article or news publication that came out prior to the première of the finale. The end result gave us that hype, and it delivered on so much that the audience wanted, but failed us in the last 5 minutes.

I will start out talking about the main chunk of the show, the great cat and mouse game that was played by the Saviors to capture and break down Rick’s group into submission. The idea was simple for Rick’s group to get them to Hilltop to a doctor to save Maggie who seemingly is having complications with her pregnancy, or a possible miscarriage. They packed up guns, brought their best fighters, and made a solid group to get them to Hilltop regardless of the obstacles ahead of them. What Rick could not anticipate though is what would be waiting for them at every turn, and every road they attempted.

With each road travelled Negan had set up nefarious traps or roadblocks to lead them into one direction, and cause them as much mental anguish as possible along the way. The majority of the roadblocks were manned by Negans Saviors and one specific person taunting the group. Steven Ogg who has been made famous by his voice work as Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V, has been cast as this mysterious Savior that we never do get the name of during this entire situation. Ogg is a perfect choice for one of Negan’s inner circle as he can play a cunning, manipulative, psychopath that will kill without remorse, and maybe add a little humor into it as well.


I do want to talk about the job interview level stress that this episode gave from start to finish. The endless dead ends that the group discovered while trying to get to Hilltop was perfectly played out by the Saviors. Each time a new dead end appeared it was bigger and more intimidating than the last, the Saviors pumped up the crazy each time the RV had to turn around for a new path. The entire ride created the perfect amount of fear and tension that we were not used to seeing our favourite survivors in, and it put us right there with their anguish. We actually got to see Rick scared, and vulnerable, something that never happens. Rick did everything he could to try to wait for the perfect moment, and get the jump on the Saviors that were trapping them and it caused him to lose all control he thought he had. The entire episode led up to the one moment people wanted, the group was captured after a failed (buy optimistic) attempt by Eugene to lead them away, they were all placed on their knees, and awaited their reaper.

The presentation of Negan, and how JDM portrays him is awesome and I cannot wait for him to wreak havoc all over season 7. The horrible truth about the finale was that it gave us all cinematic blue balls. It was surrounded by so much hype, so much build up, so much promise that someone would meet their end, and it gave us nothing but a blood streaming over the lens as if they were just killed in a round of Goldeneye 64. We wanted blood, we wanted to see one of our favourite characters die, no matter how much it hurt us. We would have been okay to see Daryl, Glenn, Abraham, or even Eugene brains wrapped around Lucille’s barbed wire lacing. We didn’t get that, we didn’t get a damn thing out of this finale. The showrunners did such a good job this season bringing us such awesome stories and episodes that really pushed the world of The Walking Dead to heights, it even gave us one of the best standalone episodes the series has ever seen. But this ending was disappointing and will leave a stain on the series until the season 7 première in October.

One cool thing though that I want to bring up before i end this is that we will get to be introduced to a new faction that will get the Alexandrians and Hilltop get out of the hell they have been put in to. At the end of the episode Morgan and Carol meet two men on a horse with some hockey pads, and if you are a fan of the comic you knew exactly who they were. The two men on horseback were members of The Kingdom. For those not familiar with The Kingdom, it is a group led by Ezekiel at a highschool in Washington D.C. It is also the second largest settlement besides Hilltop, making it a very formidable opponent to the Saviors. With the introduction of The Kingdom we will also get something awesome, we get a badass zombie killing tiger by the name of Shiva.

Please TWD… don’t ruin Shiva for us as well.