The Walking Dead Recap: The Suicide King

The Walking Dead Recap: The Suicide King

February 10, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Walking Dead fans have long awaited the return of the show on AMC and tonight we all finally got more than what we wanted–check out our episode recap and yes, there are many, many spoilers ahead!

We are back where the last episode left us hanging two months ago; the death match arena where Daryl and Merle have been pitted against one another. Let it just be known that the members of Woodbury should probably be a little more lively when they’re about to take in a death match–or for some of them, a little less lively…

Who would win in a Dixon on Dixon fight, anyway? Merle has the strength and the presence of control and fear over Daryl, but Daryl seems to have more tactic and he’s had to fight to live since they separated, while Merle sat like a good dog at the right hand of the Governor. Luckily before everything gets too ugly, Rick and company swoop in to save the brothers, only to later deny Merle any access to a safe haven with his brother. Merle, the lovable asshole; everyone loves to hate him.

Rick’s denial to let Merle join the group at the prison under any circumstances forces Daryl to choose his brother over the other survivors and leave, much to the dismay of millions of fans, all of whom I’m sure shouted curses at their televisions.


The one-eyed Governor takes out a walker that gets too close for comfort.

We find out that at least half of Tyreese’s group is a little bit of a threat to our survivors, Allen and Ben trying to talk Sascha and Tyreese into attacking Beth, Hershel, Carol and Carl to take the prison for their own. Tyreese though, much like his comics character, keeps a level head and flat out denies any action of violence towards the people providing them shelter, food and water.

Woodbury on the other hand is in chaos; of course no one checked if the perimeter was secured (after the invasion and all) and the open fence allowed walkers in, resulting in the death of one Woodbury member. Andrea makes an obligatory ‘us against the world’ speech to get the citizens of Woodbury back on the Governor’s side despite his clear mental instability.

While on the topic of mental instability, we see our survivors being put through the ringer. Carol is clearly emotionally distraught at the information that Daryl has left with his brother; Glenn and Maggie are at odds over their time at Woodbury and their experiences and of course there is Rick, a man who has only ever tried to do his best for the survivors, is being very literally haunted by his dead wife.

One of the last scenes in the show reminds us of season two episode seven when Rick begged Hershel to let the group stay at the farm, Tyreese now in Rick’s shoes and Rick in Hershel’s. Should Rick have considered letting Tyreese and company stay, or did he make a wise decision by making them leave?

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