The Elder Scrolls Online – 20 Mins of Gameplay Footage

The Elder Scrolls Online – 20 Mins of Gameplay Footage

August 13, 2013 0 By Marc

Thanks to Quakecon 2013 and IGN, we now have 20 awesome minutes of TES: Online gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls: Online was announced in 2012, less than a year from the release of the last TES game Skyrim. This is Bethesda and Zenimax’s first real step into the world of MMO’s, during a time where World of Warcraft and other kings of online MMO gaming are starting to die. Regardless of what is going on with this genre of gaming, the people behind TES:Online are putting everything they have in to this game, and it looks promising.

Early in the development of The Elder Scrolls: Online, a small video of early gameplay was released. This gameplay was unpolished, choppy, and more than likely was being played on a potato. This QuakeCon footage is of very clean looking environments, and being played on a PC that costs more than my last car.

Much to my excitement, there is first person mode that looks very much like what we see in Skyrim already, as well as a very nice looking 3rd person mode as well.  This game is said to be one of exploration and discovery, it will have many of the lore aspects that were in the other TES games, and books will be available to read, and help to raise your skills.

The combat system is very similar to what we are used to with TES. There will be ranged, melee, spell, sneaking and blocking all integrated into the combat that you can switch between at any time.

There are other features of the game such as LFG matchmaking, PVP, and a fully voiced cast for the world.

Watch the video below and get excited for your next MMO addiction.

[youtube id=”JWXjzLEGV9U” width=”580″ height=”337″]