Teach Your Kids ABCs and 123s using Dungeons and Dragons

Teach Your Kids ABCs and 123s using Dungeons and Dragons

December 19, 2018 0 By Gary

Anyone who’s played the world’s greatest roleplaying game knows how you need to do quick math calculations on the fly; now, it isn’t trigonometry or algebra…but quick addition, subtraction, or multiplication is not out of the ordinary.

And this holiday season…Dungeons and Dragons wants to help!

They have introduced two new books The ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D to help them on their way! (Let’s be honest, you wanted to involve your little ones in D&D as young as possible to get them hooked on this amazing hobby…now you can!)

Geared toward children between the ages of 3 and 7, both books seek to introduce letters and numbers to kids using the easily digestible medium of Dungeons and Dragons!

Using rhyming couplets, the books introduce the key concepts that will help kids better understand letters and numbers both for Dungeons and Dragons, and for life.

Why Dungeons and Dragons as the medium? Well, according to Caleb Cleveland, “it has become incredibly accessible and [a good way] to connect…EVERYONE is talking about D&D now.”

And Ivan Van Norman added “D&D is a wonderful platform because it encourages imagination when kids’ imaginations are blooming.”

But ultimately the question comes down to: why? The short answer is: why not.
It’s something Ivan answered quite effectively: kids are leaning to count anyway, “[so] WHY NOT replace apples with beholders?”

Ultimately, gamer parents know that Dungeons and Dragons is an excellent way to connect with their kids in a way that doesn’t involve a cord.

BothThe ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D can help parents foster a sense of wonder in their children…while at the same time helping them to learn.

You don’t need a perception check to see this as a win-win.


All images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast and used with permission.

Both The ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D are available at fine booksellers everywhere