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The Business of Entertainment: Interview with Brimstone

by Laura Cerroneon July 8, 2015
  It would be difficult to pin a single hat on Will Kucmierowski. The businessman, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker and now branched out brand name Brimstone, has his hands in it all. Brimstone has created an empire, launching Hound Entertainment Group and publishing over 40 comics, books, spices and seasonings, fragrances, video games, his involvement […]

Grindhouse Drive In, Bleed Out : Slay Ride Part One Review

by Jeff Fountainon November 12, 2014
Whenever you hear the word ‘Grindhouse’, whether it involves a movie, TV show or in this case a comic book, you know you are not about to get involved in some PG rated romantic tale. (If that does happen, then something has gone horribly, horribly wrong)