Grindhouse  Drive In, Bleed Out : Slay Ride Part One Review

Grindhouse Drive In, Bleed Out : Slay Ride Part One Review

November 12, 2014 0 By Jeff Fountain

Whenever you hear the word ‘Grindhouse’, whether it involves a movie, TV show or in this case a comic book, you know you are not about to get involved in some PG rated romantic tale. (If that does happen, then something has gone horribly, horribly wrong)

Thankfully this little Grindhouse beauty entitled ‘Slay Ride: Part One’ is everything grindhouse should be. Dark, evil, bloody with just the right dash of revenge, this comic is a solid story with some wonderful characters and excellent art work.

grindhouse1Writer Alex de Campi gives us a wonderful setting for this story of death by starting us off on Christmas Eve. It may seem like a strange place to start a comic like this to some, but in reality Christmas and the whole holiday season are known just as much for depression and despair as it is for the tacky and commercial wonderland it is today.

A trio of killers, one of whom looks a lot like Colonel Sanders evil twin, deal out death quickly and send two women down a dark and perilous path of rescue and revenge. It is a seemingly straightforward story but has some interesting insights into the dark secrets we keep hidden away.

While the story is enjoyable, the artwork by R.M.Guera is the real gem here. Dark and dirty, his work in this comic is so detailed and edgy that you can almost feel the tension and fear coming off the pages. (Yes, it looks that good) The way all the characters are drawn, heavy on shadows and despair, makes the atmosphere of the story thick with a sense of dread and that is a very good thing.

The paneling is also well done, using some interesting ways to tell part of the story without becoming too confusing or busy. This is still a Grindhouse story and the last thing you need is to overcomplicate the basic tone of darkness by getting too cute.

The seemingly simple yet interesting story combined with the striking artwork has succeeded in making this a very interesting beginning to this four part exploitation series. Grindhouse in general may not get a lot of love in the mainstream but this deserves some attention from those who love a walk on the darker side of comics. For this reader, the only complaint I have was that it was over too quick.