Supergirl Trailer Reveals The Heroine Fans Deserve

Supergirl Trailer Reveals The Heroine Fans Deserve

May 14, 2015 0 By EVA

Kara and Jimmy OlsenDC Comics has taken television by storm with recent hits like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham. CBS finally revealed the first trailer for Supergirl, as Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) takes to her familiar red and blue garb in what could possibly be the next big win in terms of television for DC comics.

The six minute long trailer (Can we even call it a trailer at that point? Sounds more like a mini preview) gives us everything we need to know about Kara including her tragic beginning on a dying Krypton, as she like her cousin before her, is sent to Earth in the hopes of beginning a new life away from the diminishing planet. Other then what will seem like a brief start in terms of life on Krypton, unlike her fellow superhero counterparts taking to television, Supergirl seems to be fully aware of her capabilities and power. Instead of making use of an origin story it seems like the creative team of Supergirl is taking a new approach to the superhero spin, focusing rather on when Kara finally decides to embrace her powers, becoming the heroine she was always meant to be.

From what we’ve already seen this show is already shaping into exactly what fans need in a medium about a larger then life superherione. Despite some early skepticism at the first photo reveals of the Supergirl costume, Benoist already feels like the girl from Krypton that fans have all been waiting for. Familiar characters like Cat Grant ( Calista Flockhart) and Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) are also featured in the debut trailer shaping up an already interesting supporting cast as these characters provide encouragement for the beginning of Kara’s life as a heroine.

There has been no expense spared for the visual effects department which delivers gorgeously stunning scenery as well as pulse pounding action in just the first six minutes we’ve seen so far. It makes me extremely eager to see those familiar superpowers like heat vision come into play. While there was no big mention at Kara’s rogues gallery there have already been rumors to the Silver Banshee making an appearance. Personally I would love to see a character like Livewire come to life in a live action setting.

I’m also completely loving the subtle mentions at Kara’s infinitely famous cousin, Kal-El. While there may be no plans to show the big man in blue himself that doesn’t necessary mean its a bad thing. I adore the fact that Superman is present, even if he’s not, because even as such he’s there’s supporting her every step of the way. After all this is her story (It’s not a man, it’s Supergirl as the tagline says) but knowing that the big guy won’t be completely out of the picture is also an incredible comfort.

The verdict is in and I’ve gotta say I’m more than in awe. In fact that I’m a lot more impressed then I ever thought I would be at the idea of a Supergirl television series. The creative team has really given us a taste at what to expect and I’m more then excited to see what comes with the rest of the show. Supergirl will be airing on CBS at 8:00 PM EST starting in November.