Marvel Zombies Shamble Into Secret Wars Battleworld

Marvel Zombies Shamble Into Secret Wars Battleworld

May 13, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

This June, a lone soldier ventures deep into unknown territory on a mission of personal discovery – and blood soaked survival.

Today, Marvel revealed that the popular Marvel Zombies will be making an appearance in Secret Wars with Marvel Zombies #1. The creative team of writer Simon Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men: Legacy) and artist Kev Walker (New Avengers, Avengers Arena) are introducing Elsa Bloodstone, one of the fiercest monster-hunters Battleworld has ever seen. Burdened with the zombie hordes to the south of Battleworld, she patrols the borders from high atop the Shield. Day in and day out she fights and claws to keep the world safe, knowing that setting one foot into that hellish waste means certain death. That is, until she spots a human child alive among the corpses – and flings herself in. But now that she’s in – she’ll have to fight her way out! Can one woman stand against an endless army of the living dead? You’ve never met Elsa Bloodstone.

Take a look at the cover done by Ken Lashley, the variant cover by Greg Land and a sample of what you’ll see when the comic comes out in June.