Star Trek Memorabilia is Going on the Auction Block

Star Trek Memorabilia is Going on the Auction Block

June 27, 2013 0 By EVA

Ever wanted to own your very own piece of movie memorabilia from Star Trek? Now is your chance!

Admit it. You’ve always felt you could handle a Bat’leth as skillfully as any Klingon warrior.

Or perhaps you’ve thought your logic so indisputable you knew Vulcan blood coursed through your veins and having a Vulcan Priest’s robe (with accompanying bejeweled hat and pointy shoes) to wear would confirm that.

A massive auction by ScreenUsed Movie Props and Wardrobe will give you a chance to realize your dream.

On July 6th, props that encompass everything from Indiana Jones to The Terminator and Star Trek go on the block.

Hundreds of Trek pieces will be sold, the majority from the collection of Lyn Wright, a retired copy editor. To say she’s a Trek fan is like saying Ricardo Montalban is the best Khan – a bit of an understatement.

Desi Dos Santos and Jeff Castillo opened ScreenUsed Props a decade ago and have never seen a collection like Wright’s.

“This is the largest single owner Trek collection we’ve ever handled,” Dos Santos says. “This is unusual…the variety of items across the various Trek films and TV shows.”

The pieces range from Dabo Chips to TV scripts, from Vulcan Robes to that battle scarred Bat’leth. There’s even a set piece that appears to have been used in nearly every Star Trek TV incarnation since The Original Series.

“I started small,” Wright says. “I loved the original Star Trek so much, the exploration, the hope for humanity the series provided, I enjoyed all the Trek shows, but DS9 became my favorite. I got the chance to buy gifts received by DS9 production crew members. Eventually I had a complete collection of plaques given out at holidays on Next Gen, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.”

That morphed into Starfleet uniforms, crew used cutlery, artwork seen in Captain Sisko’s quarters, even a Tribble and a Klingon menu.

Eventually, some folks thought her passion outgrew her common sense when she cashed in retirement stocks to buy Trek memorabilia.

“I had a feeling it was the right thing to do,” she says.

When the stock market tanked, Wright’s gut feeling saved her thousands. As for her props, their value increased a healthy twenty percent or so.

“We’ve consistently seen good returns on props and wardrobe from iconic films and shows, such as the Star Trek franchise,” Dos Santos says.

No one is saying you should trade in Pfizer for a phaser, but buying a screen used prop couldn’t hurt the old portfolio.

So, if you’re going after Vulcan robes, bid logically, live long and prosper. If you want the Bat’leth, fight well and warriors on Kronos will sing songs in your honor.


The ScreenUsed auction is July 6th, register at Items will be auctioned through

This article was written for publication on the GCE site by Joe Munoz.