Software Companies That Cash in With Online Casinos

Software Companies That Cash in With Online Casinos

April 16, 2016 0 By EVA

Everyone has noticed the growing tendency of people changing their real lives for those online. More and more virtual activities attract millions of users taking all their spare time and, sometimes cash. Why is this happening? The Internet is slowly taking control over our lives. Anything we need we can get from there:

– chats with friends
– dating
– phone and video calls
– shopping
– consulting
– food delivery
– movies
– music
– work
– study

And thousands of other activities we all use. There is no need even to get up with the whole world on your phone, tablet or laptop. All you need to do is to pay for the connection and turn your tablet, smartphone or laptop on. It is also no secret that casinos has moved to the Internet as well. If you have ever been to one of the popular virtual playhouses, you surely know that those machines for slots, roulette or craps are quite realistic. Casino owners are ready to pay insane sums of cash for the latest virtual machines to impress the players. If you take a look at, you will see it yourself. Can you imagine how much an average software developer earns on gamers addiction? Here are some companies that managed to cash in on the online casino craze.


This one is the largest and the most successful software developing company with a 20-year history on the gambling industry market. If one is looking for the highest quality apps or virtual machines – Microgaming is the best choice. The company claims inventing and maintaining the very first virtual casino that contained about a dozen games in the early 90’s. Today their casinos are backed by 600-game pack where anyone will find something special.

Realtime Gaming

Its history starts in 1998 with tremendous growth. The company has since lost its top position, but is still on the top of the leading casino software developers. Its highlight is the speed of the games you can find on their site. If you are looking for the fast responding games, here you will find them all.

NextGen Gaming

The company is fully concentrated on excellent online games developing. Handy interface, fast callback, interesting plots and and maintenance make them your ideal partners in the online casino business. They are always looking for innovations and ways to improve themselves, and the ideas they bring to life are more than impressive.


Playtech are the developers of the most popular poker and bingo simulators. However, that is not the main stream of their activity and their company. Playtech initially earned millions with its betting sites engines and software. If you love sports betting, you should thank them for handy platforms and fast payouts.


Two brothers founded Cryptologic in their parents’ basement. Their plan was to develop a secure, real life financial transactions system. However, it did not stay their primary aim for long and soon after the first successful steps in programming and software developing were taken – the brothers invented their first casino app. Today the company has gaming platforms with unique and high-quality engines and works on casino machines.