Schlafly Beer Marries Comic Books with Brews

Schlafly Beer Marries Comic Books with Brews

May 21, 2016 0 By Laura Cerrone

For many comic book fans, reading a comic book and drinking was not an option growing up. However, nowadays the fans have grown up, and not only can they drink beer, they can read comic books with it, or even comic books about beer.

This week is the American Craft Beer Week, and to celebrate Schlafly Beer, the largest locally owned brewery in Missouri, is homage to beer and art in a refreshing way. Collaborating with St. Louis illustrator Dan Zettwoch, their Walking Wheat Hefeweizen was given a twist and it’s own comic book, In Search of the Walking Tree.

Schlafly describes the beer as, “The Beer: A twist on Schlafly Hefeweizen, this smooth, unfiltered wheat features American malts and ale yeast. Real mango purée without any artificial flavor is added to the beer during fermentation.”

And the comic book?

“The art features a mango tree, which folklore states has been known to walk back to its roots—a symbiotic tie to the purpose Schlafly’s Art Outside Festival, showcasing 60+ local artists.”

The comic book is a 12-page adventure of an archaeologist and megabotanist (big-plant hunter), and features the folklore of a mango tree that could pick up its roots and ‘walk.’ The comic is fun and educational, and is reminiscent of children’s learning materials. If you do want the information to stick to memory, perhaps look toward reading it before. As aforementioned, the comic book and beer are special for St. Louis’ three-day festival, the Art Outside Festival. The festival takes place during Memorial Day Weekend.

The beer itself is light, a 4.4% ABV, however, very refreshing and not overwhelmingly sweet. Mango is an interesting ingredient, but it works well to tie up the taste giving it a sweet finish. The beer is a gorgeous light amber color. The brewery also prides itself on the ingredients it selects. The mango beer isn’t commonplace at the brewery, but keep a tab on their website for more information and if it appears as a limited release. Otherwise, your other option is to hop on a plane and visit the Art Outside Festival.

“Since we use real fruit in all of our beers, we knew that we’d have to compare several varieties of mangos to find the flavor profile that we wanted. We tried different mango purées – one was super sweet with lots of coconut notes, another super tart, and the winner, a complex variety from India with flavors of mango, but other tropical fruits as well,” Head of Brewing Emily Parker says.

Beer isn’t a big stranger to comic books. As Schlafly points out, pairing a brew with a book has been done before, such as large craft brewery Three Floyds with their book Alpha Kings. And don’t forget The Comic Book Story of Beer by Jonathan Hennessey and Mike Smith, a 180-page fully illustrated comic that come out in the fall of 2015.

Comic books and beer, goodness, it has truly never been a better time to be a nerd.