Robert Kirkman is Not Ending Walking Dead….. Yet

Robert Kirkman is Not Ending Walking Dead….. Yet

July 22, 2017 0 By Michael MacPherson

With the Walking Dead comic book having been running now for quite some time with a continuous storyline, one might start to wonder how will it end? When will it end? Who will be there when it does end? You could imagine that even the writer of Walking Dead himself Robert Kirkman could not have possibly imagined Walking Dead scaling to the heights of popularity that it has achieved.

Well this year at San Diego Comic-Con Kirkman told fans that he has an ending to the series in mind, and is actively directing the story towards its final chapter. No official end date has been set as to when the series will end, but according to Kirkman he has been steering the series towards that ending.

Kirkman though did come out on Twitter after making those statements making it very clear to fans that he is not ending the series right now, as many outlets were reporting that he was actively wrapping up the long running comic book series. Kirkman clarifying his statement essentially means that he knows where he is taking the series, but there is no solid timeframe as to how long it will take to get there.

Kirkman stated that the idea for the conclusion came to him two or three years ago, and has helped him as he continues to work on story lines. Which is helpful considering how intricate Walking Dead can be and how many moving pieces there are in any given story, and all the individual character arcs. So likely with where the series is at currently there could be quite a bit of road left to travel before the story of Rick Grimes and the other survivors comes to a conclusion, and the mega hit comic series comes to a close.

Kirkman also made mention that while he himself knows the details of the ending, he has not actually written it down anywhere, so that he is able to keep the final arc of the series safe, and will keep it a secret until he is ready to reveal the final chapter.

More than likely Kirkman would like to guide the series towards a finally that both he and the droves of Walking Dead fans will love and feel comfortable with.

IF you were Robert Kirkman how would you like to see the series end? Let us know what you think in the comment section.