The Rise of Ambrose

The Rise of Ambrose

October 24, 2014 0 By EVA

I could be comparable to most RAW viewers. It’s still destination television to me, dammit! But sometimes… just sometimes… I find myself disinterested in what’s happening. If you asked me what’s the latest in the recent Bella sister drama, I would choke-slam you through the nearest particle board table.

There’s a handfull of performers right now that I really keep an eye on. One of them is on the top of the heap, and it’s really no surprise who. Dean Ambrose has been a relieving, exciting breath of fresh air the last month or so. He’s got a big match coming up this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, locked in with his long-time rival, Seth Rollins. Could this much anticipated match be his crescendo?

He’s been getting a lot of comparisons lately. Ambrose comes off as just as neurotic as a hay-day Cactus Jack. On the mic, you can hear the mile-a-minute ramblings of a young Roddy Piper. Hell, when it comes to bringing an ass-kickin’, he brings it in a way that hasn’t been seen since Steve Austin (back when Stone Cold had something to prove against a returning Bret Hart).

I personally feel the comparison to an up and coming Rock is more accurate. Not so much in character, but more because of his current position in the business.

1999; Steve Austin found himself out of the picture due to a crippling neck injury, and spent nine months in rehab. That flagship spot became vacant, and The People’s Champ fit that bill. He brought a different demeanour, that’s for sure, but he filled a void that was necessary at the time.

Currently, Ambrose fills a void that was left after the Attitude Era, the abrupt exit of CM Punk and even while Roman Reigns sits on the shelf with his hernia surgery. Bob Ross might even refer to Dean Ambrose’s current rise to fame as a “happy little accident”. Would his rise to the main event happened eventually? Probably. Would it have happened this fast? Doubt it.

They have been moulding Roman Reigns as their next big start since last November, when he destroyed the opposing team at Survivor Series. It’s easy to picture that Reigns would be exactly where Ambrose is now if it weren’t for his recent injury. Ambrose was presented with an opportunity, and is running with it like it was illegal.

In 2000, Steve Austin came back and he was hellbent on regaining his spot in the company but The Rock was comfortable and thriving in that spot. This lead to one of the greatest feuds, culminating to their classic, headlining match at WrestleMania X-7.

Reigns will get better, and he will come back. Will Ambrose be ready?

This article was written for publication on the GCE by Chris Somerfield.