Review: Supergirl – “Elseworlds Part 3”

Review: Supergirl – “Elseworlds Part 3”

December 12, 2018 0 By Jeff Fountain


With Elseworlds coming to an end, I was again reminded just how wonderful Barry, Oliver, and Kara are together. It’s quite the double edged sword though,  wanting to see more of them together yet not too much for fear of taking the unique aspect of these get-togethers and making it mundane and boring. Be that as it may, Elseworlds Part 3 was loads of fun and a fitting end to this crossover.

While there was almost no Batwoman, except for an important part at the end, it was great to see Superman get some real camera time. Tyler Hoechlin is a fantastic Superman and while he doesn’t get the spotlight on Supergirl for a variety of reasons he gets to play good and bad Superman here and does a great job. (Shout out to the writers for getting to use ‘Bizarro’ in some dialogue) The Evil Superman/Deegan combo was great and gave Hoechlin a chance to revel in the strange body switching that was going on during this three-part series.

It was interesting to note there was not a designated ‘villian’ in this crossover. Sure, we had Deegan and The Monitor but they were used primarily as tools to put our heroes in stressful situations and see how they react. It’s a credit to the writing that they were able to pull that off and to the actors, who always seem to bring out the best in each other when they are thrown together.

There were times that the episode threatened to choke on the superhero overload but they managed to bring it back from the brink. There were some token appearances that really did nothing for the story but seeing how the writers kept this plot arcs pretty organized I’ll let them off the hook on this one. I do wish there were actually more worlds involved in the show as the title made me think there would be a lot of different Earths in the multi-layered storylines. Also, you can never go wrong with more John Wesley Shipp, who absolutely loves playing The Flash.

While there was the usual banter and one-liners exchanged between the big three, I believe Oliver benefited from this crossover the most. At one point he explains to The Monitor how, even though he is filled with darkness, the goodness in Barry and Kara is what he strives to achieve for himself and his life. This couldn’t come at a better time for Oliver as his personal life is a bit shaky right now so hopefully, this experience will help with that. However, there was an ominous thread throughout this episode concerning the future of The Green Arrow/Oliver so it will be interesting to see how that plays out next year.

The episode wrapped with some strong scenes revolving around Lois/Superman/Supergirl and the revelation that next year we will be getting Crisis on Infinite Earths. That crossover could change many things, including the end of the line for some characters and the beginning for others. The threat of something bigger on the horizon was great but Elseworlds did a great job standing on its own and taking care of its many storylines in fine fashion.

Four stars out of five