On The Rack – March 26, 2014

On The Rack – March 26, 2014

March 25, 2014 0 By EVA

It’s been a busy week this week with movie trailers and announcements galore. This weeks On The Rack promises that it will continue to be a great and busy week in the comic industry as well.

I hope you have been following closely and saved up a bit last week because there is a ton of stuff hitting the shelves that you may not want to pass up on. As much as I get tired of reboots, if I haven’t mentioned it before, they still happen constantly and there a few of them that always look a little more promising than others. I honestly prefer the new series over a familiar title relaunching, but if you’re a fan of certain characters, it’s hard to pass up those 1st issues. Let’s have a look at whats going on.

Avatar Press

Crossed Badlands #50

Crossed fans get treated to a milestone issue #50 this week with a bunch of variant covers as well.

“The most highly anticipated Crossed story ever is finally here! GARTH ENNIS – the creator of Crossed, returns to the miserable world he created to take us all the way back to the beginning with an unforgettable tale of the fabric of society unraveling. From the first issue of Crossed fans have wondered how it all began. Was it an act of god? Did it begin as a man-made bio-weapon? Is it the final evolution of human kind? Now, after more than five years of horror, Ennis reveals his ‘Patient Zero’ in this seven part epic drawn by CHRISTIAN ZANIER. Join the master of modern horror and all of the Crossed Nation faithful as they get a front row seat for the biggest issue of Crossed since it debuted! Available with Regular, Wraparound, and Torture covers by Zanier, Fatal Fantasy and Mission Failure covers by Matt Martin, True Romance and Amazons cover by original series artist Jacen Burrows, and special Red Crossed and Pure Art Incentive covers.”

Dark Horse Comics

Blackout #1 (of 4)

“Scott Travers’s special suit lets him move through our world unseen and untouchable within a shadowy parallel dimension-but he doesn’t know how the suit works or where it came from. With his benefactor missing and unfriendlies after his Blackout gear, Scott must find answers before the answers find him!”

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3

It almost seems like forever since the last issue but the adventures of the cult classic TV show are back this week in their third issue of this six part mini series.

“Serenity is found! The crew, including Jayne and a certain bounty hunter, get themselves ready to restock and retrieve when River wakes from her self-induced sleep and gives Mal a mandate… which will eventually-hopefully-maybe-lead to Zoe’s rescue!”


Star Wars Legacy II #13

More Star Wars for all the fans out there that I know look forward to more and more while we all anxiously await the next film.

“After a crash landing on a wild planet with her captor-and former flame-Ramid, Ania Solo is having trouble shaking the other bounty hunter on her tail. She’s going to need some help from someone, but when you’re accused of murdering an Imperial Knight, friends are hard to come by!”

DC Comics

Adventures Of Superman #11

‘Adventures’ doesn’t seem to follow the New 52 timeline, so if you were looking for a little more of the old school formula of the DC universe and Superman, then you should pick this up.

“After learning about the Last Son of Krypton, a troubled alien travels from a distant galaxy to meet Superman…and to confess the horrible secret that he was Krypton’s Green Lantern.”

Aquaman #29

Now I know some of you scoff at him, but this issue looks like it’ll have an interesting story line. Aquaman has been pretty solid right off the hop of the New 52 launch. It might be time for you all to give him a chance.

“It’s all-out action as Aquaman feels the wrath It’s all-out action as Aquaman feels the wrath of Hercules as he makes his first appearance in The New 52! And the environmental havoc seen in the pages of SWAMP THING may put Arthur on a collision course with a certain Avatar of the Green!”

Superman #29

There’s a whole bunch of Robot Chicken covers out again this week including this title.

“Superman and Starfire must deal with a cache of deadly alien weapons – and its horrifying impact on the innocents who find them! But first, these two heroes will have to stop fighting each other before someone ends up dead!”

Wake #7 (of 10)

Another fantastic series by Scott Snyder that I have been raving about right from the get go. If you haven’t picked it up, you can grab the graphic novel covering the first five and catch up this week with the issues that may be on the shelf if you get to the shop early enough.

“Two hundred years in the future, things are not looking good for the human race. But a mysterious call from the deep could change everything. The epic, flooded future of THE WAKE continues here!”

Dynamite Entertainment

Ash & The Army Of Darkness Annual 2014

How can any of us pass up on a little boomstick action with one of our favorite badass heroes, Ash.

“Stranded in the 1300’s, Ash Williams leads a war against evil as he searches for a way home to the present day. Ash’s search is complicated when his soul is stolen by three witches and the only way for him to go home is to follow them from time period to time period and recover the parts of his missing soul. Ash must once again rise up against the forces of evil and their army of darkness if he is to have any hope of ever returning to the modern world he left behind.”


IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters #14

“The embodiment of chaos has taken an interest in earth, and the physical laws of the universe are beginning to come apart at the seams. When Newtonian physics falter in New York City and weirdness is on the rise, you know who’s gonna get called… ‘Mass Hysteria!’ continues here!”

X-Files Conspiracy #2 (of 2)

Have you been following along here while I was telling you about these? Everything comes together and wraps up in the final conspiracy issue.

“The event of the year concludes here! The Lone Gunmen have finished investigating several urban legends-a group of ghost-hunters, mutant turtles that live in the sewers, shape-changing alien robots, and a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave-after receiving Internet files from future that foretell a plague that wipes out most of humanity. Now it’s a race against the clock as the Gunmen, with Agents Mulder and Scully, attempt to save the world!”

Image Comics

Real Heroes #1

“They are the six most famous actors in the world and together they play The Olympians, the biggest superhero movie franchise in history. Would you ask them to save the world? They may be our only hope…”

Walking Dead #124

After the events of last issue, I can’t wait to get my hands on this weeks issue. What more can be said? It’s war, and bad things happen!

” ‘ALL OUT WAR,’ Part Ten This war has begun to take a toll on us all.”


Marvel Comics

All New Ghost Rider #1

That’s right, Marvel is going to kick start another Ghost Rider series. This time we are getting a brand new Ghost Rider!

“”ENGINES OF VENGEANCE” PART 1A street race leads a young man on the fast and furious road of destiny. Amid an East Los Angeles neighborhood running wild with gang violence and drug trafficking, a war brews in the criminal underworld! With four on the floor, Marvel’s newest Ghost Rider puts vengeance in overdrive!!!”

Amazing X-Men #5

Pirates and the X-Men, seems like the perfect mix to me.

“Nightcrawler and his pirate band of X-Men take on Azazel and his hellish hordes! One of the X-Men must make the ultimate sacrifice!”

Iron Patriot #1

“Jim Rhodes has quit the SECRET AVENGERS!!! As the IRON PATRIOT, he’s bringing his fight against the bad guys to the home front. But a new villain emerges with a brutal plan that could turn Iron Patriot into America’s most wanted!!!”

Origin II #4 (of 5)

We are getting close to the end of a great Wolverine mini series. Tthe artwork alone has been well worth the pick up on this title.

“The penultimate issue! • Logan, Clara and Creed are on the run from Sinister…but could Sinister offer Logan something he can’t refuse? • Creed’s secret revealed!”

Silver Surfer #1

Dan Slott did an amazing job on Spiderman; I’m hoping he can do the same here by reviving the Surfer in his own title.

“‘NEW DAWN’ The universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And the SILVER SURFER, the lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see it… is with someone else.Meet the Earth Girl who’s challenged the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known Marvel U– into the strange, the new, and the utterly fantastic! Anywhere and Everywhere… Hang on!”

Superior Spider-Man #30

This story arc is about to wrap up very soon, and I’m sure by now we all know who is coming back.

“‘Goblin Nation’ – Part 4 of 5. Since the start of DYING WISH, it has ALL been building to this. One of the most important moments of the ENTIRE Superior Spider-Man Saga! Once this happens, it CANNOT be undone! DO NOT MISS THIS ISSUE!”


Well folks, that’s it for this week. Next week I promise it wont be quite as hectic, but it’s still packed with a lot of great titles. I hope everyone is gearing up for Captain America: Winter Soldier to storm theatres, as it looks very promising to say the least. As usual, let me know if there was any titles that I skipped mentioning this week that you would have liked to know about.

Chat soon fellow geeks, and stay Elite!