Preacher “South Will Rise Again” Review

Preacher “South Will Rise Again” Review

June 27, 2016 0 By Gary

Preacher is once again driving in the fast lane as the “South Will Rise Again” meets the high expectations the audience has come to count on for the show.

The main storyline is that Jesse is riding high from Quincannon’s public acceptance of the mission to serve God. Of course it wasn’t by choice; Jesse used his power to bend Odin to his will, but nobody knows that but Jesse.

When the episode opens, we see Jesse with a smile on his face as the sun comes up, enjoying its rays on his face, standing beneath the branches of a mighty old tree.

He’s become a bit of a rock star. The church was full for Quincannon’s pronouncement and word has clearly spread about what Jesse managed to do. People have begun coming to him, asking for his advice, even having debates on which gospel is best.

When called upon to mediate disputes, Jesse does not shy away from using his power to convince people to do things his way. He is quite cavalier about it, in fact.

It all comes to a head at the end of the episode when the two heavenly bounty hunters come calling on Jesse, who believes he’s been imbued with the power of God; they tell him that in fact his power source is not God. It’s something quite different.


The mysterious Cowboy returns again, in a flashback to the 1890s. He makes it into Ratwater for the medicine his wife and daughter need but it won’t be ready until the morning; he needs to spend the night.

Ratwater is a nasty, nasty place, and despite all the evils he sees, the Cowboy decides to ride away from it all; halfway home though, he thinks back to some of the more horrifying moments, and spurs his horse back into town to try and intervene.

Far too late, he takes a beating and his horse gets killed for his trouble.

By the time he gets back to his house both his wife and child have succumb to the illness and they’ve become a feast for crows.

It was haunting.

He opens his closet once again (mirroring his first appearance) except this time, instead of looking at his guns, and choosing not to take them, he loads up, taking everything he’s got, giving no indication why. But we can guess. I’m starting to sense a theme: doing good ends poorly for the one that does it.

Will the Cowboy’s journey parallel Jesse’s as he seeks to walk the righteous path?



Tulip and Cassidy have further interactions whereby she “obtains” an illicit substance for him and they grow closer. Is she trying to make Jesse jealous so she can get him back?

Quincannon finally snaps, inviting members of the Green Acres Group to a meeting and then promptly murdering them all. How that will reconcile with Jesse’s order to serve God, remains to be seen. Was he able to loose himself of its grip? Or did Donny’s knowledge of what the Preacher can do affect him in some way?

One interesting point I noticed in the episode: the tree under which Jesse stands in the beginning with the sun on his face…looks an awful lot like the tree past which the Cowboy rides during those flashbacks to the 1890s as he rides into Ratwater.


Probably not.

Another great episode.

It is not too late to start watching this show.